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So Draco was watching Dimension W which is an anime currently airing on Toonami. Its set in the future and it remind Draco of a major pet peeve with sci-fi and beyond. This problem is not at its worst in Dimension W, they make up for it with other things. The following will be more about generic less popular series. It exists in big name series but we’re going for a general overview.


So it’s the future and magically in the future they find some new power source that is the best dang power source in the world. It powers your car, your house, your children, your dog, your gardener, your potatoes, basically everything.  That’s all well and good but then for some reason it’s literally all they talk about. It’s great that they have this stuff but think about real life. When is the last time you talked about the wonders of electricity in casual conversation with a friend? These are shallow attempts to dump exposition and differentiate the world from the real world. All it really does though is take up valuable dialogue space with cheesy almost product placement like imaginary battery talk. If you’re writing sci-fi or anything and want to tell everyone about some magic energy, either show (as in show don’t tell) the tech in action or bite the bullet and say it once or twice… unless they just discovered the technology. Draco still remembers a time when cell phones hadn’t dropped the “cell” and electric toothbrushes hadn’t dropped the “electric”. It’s overuse that makes this annoying. If electricity just came out and Draco was talking to some friends maybe Draco would talk about an electric lamp or whatever but then other matters like horse grooming, arranged marriages,  and sword fighting must be discussed. Don’t let the lamp take up your characters’ lives, sci-fi writers!


Labronbrium isn’t real by the way. It probably should have been obvious from the theme of the post but it should really be made clear. Also no one sponsors us even though they totally should!