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 CAMERA 1: Edges

So this is an afterthought but if you have a fear of blood just skip this post. It’s not blood but it looks like it so that could be a problem for you. Here at Dracoblag we don’t want anyone to be negatively effected.


Sunrider Chibi are best chibi







So Draco was trying to do a photo, the image was clear and the execution seemed simple. Today Draco learned an important fact. Food coloring will stain your skin. There is a reason fake blood exists and apparently that is the reason. Actually it’s hard to believe that putting something like that on your body wouldn’t at least partially stain it. They must dilute it or something. Draco doesn’t claim to understand fake blood or how it works but it probably comes off easier than food coloring.


This was after about 30 minutes of scrubbing

Anyway, check it out.


Now you blood splatter analysts out there must be pulling your hair out but keep in mind that Draco just couldn’t be bothered to do that accurately. Also it would have probably required some finagling which would have ended up looking really creepy. Draco needs to sleep at night you know!

For those of you who are Photoshop fan, here is a tutorial on making fake blood via Photoshop! Don’t be like Draco and stain your hands!