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It’s the sun being blocked. Sunblock. Ahahahahahahaha!

The moral question of waiting a day till the sun is risen and actually blocking the sun out with a block or spending exactly 3 minutes in Photoshop came up today. Guess which one Draco picked.

So Draco keeps seeing this ad for a new sunblock from Proactive. The word they use to describe it is “refreshing”. Does that sound weird to anyone else? ” That sunblock really refreshed me” doesn’t seem like something people would say. “This sunblock was really ‘sunblock-er-y'” maybe. “Long-lasting”, “won’t stain your clothes”, “grants fire immunity” all seem like better choices than “refreshing”. As far as Draco knows people don’t go out and get sunblock for the experience. Usually saying “this is sunblock” is enough to sell sunblock. If you REALLY want to sell sunblock mention a high SPF and talk about the application method.  Oh and don’t forget the good-looking people in swim suits. Now that you understand advertising please send Draco 20,000 currency for this college level course*.


Moonlight is just a reflection of sunlight. If we covered the moon in sunblock we could make it invisible. Science yo.


* Please don’t actually send any money at this time. How you got Draco’s address is worrying enough.