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So the other day one of the search terms used to find Dracoblag was “Lonely Wolf Treat“. The best part of the stats page is getting to find out how people stumbled upon you and Draco can be pretty proud of being lumped in with great content such as that. It’s a real treat.  It is however a shame that some people get here via Bing. Draco doesn’t blame you; not everyone has access to better search engines. Draco just hopes you get a better one soon!.

All of NomnomNami‘s games are great and you should go get them after this.

It’s also Treat’s birthday today! Happy Birthday! Draco clearly planned to hit publish today and wasn’t procrastinating at all! Draco is so good at planning. Some would say the best at planning.


So Draco was drawing again and it seems like a good idea to share that type of stuff with you lovely readers you. If you don’t put your work out there you punish yourself and the denizens of the story you want to tell. Sadly Draco’s scanner is bad and doing everything digitally is hard without a fancy drawing tablet thing. Complaining helps a little… Lucky for us all Photoshop is Photoshop and Draco was able to get them into a passable state. Prepare your eyes!

Draco 002

Dracoooooooooo with a flaming sword of justice! The scanner made you a one winged angel. ❤

Animal 004

Some sort of animal. Wook at that wittle serious face! ❤

Update: Draco’s Mom saw this and told Draco to fix it. It was fixed.

Egg Royalty 002

Egg Royalty!

Mallory 002

Mallory Reynolds and her mustachioed friend Mr. Spiky! Some day your story will be told but this is something at least…

Animal 002

When making this post, animal of unknown name popped up again! We will probably never know why but we should just let it be. This animal could be dangerous. This animal lost the line that defined their stomach… Thank you scanner… That’s great…