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These images are mostly very bright.

Don Paulson of http://www.donpaulson.com/ recommends that for macro(uppy closey) photography. It’s not necessarily something anyone should do all the time but it does give you that one scene in the last hair potter movie effect. Spoiler sorta?



Anyway on to the show!!!!!!!!


The background is Draco’s second monitor. Just googled white and wow, background. If anyone knows what the wrapper says please comment down below. Also hit like and subscribe! *tooth glint*


These wilting dead flowers magically appeared the day a macro photography workshop happened. Magic is real.


These are from a brick wall. They kinda look like what they used to film the death star scenes in the original Star Wars.


This was also done with a monitor background but this one had the advantage of a grasper to grasp it. That makes the process a lot easier.