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Draco’s doing a not for photography class post finally! Yay! ^_^


A photograph

It has been a while. It’s not like those posts are bad mind you, just the titles. Draco takes pride in these titles. Look at the title above! It’s not technically written at the time Draco wrote this sentence but surely it’s a masterpiece. Draco would say find a better title but Draco has like a million posts and it’s hard to choose. Draco won’t submit you to that kind of torture.

Draco has noticed people have mascots. Mascots are cool.


Draco wants a mascot. Like Draco is probably his own mascot but another mascot would be appreciated. Like how Superman had a dog. Sure you’re saying that these mascots are possessed by companies and individuals will 1000 times the fans Dracoblag has, but the people who invented Pokemon just repeatedly shoved their idea for mascots down people’s throats and now they are one of the most popular franchises in the world. It doesn’t matter when you start as long as you’re good. Draco would also like an assistant. What they would be assisting with is irrelevant. Odds are they would do nothing. Oh and Draco also needs a spllcheckr person. Draco shall get all of these things and less (Probably no assistant or sqellchkeerre( sadface 😦 )) in the coming months! Soon Draco shall acquire a computer made within this decade and then videos can happen. Maybe even some of that Twitch live streaming the kids are always talking about. One of those fancy drawing tablets is also in the mix so a mascot could be done relatively well. Expansion plans are expanding people! The future is now!!!!!-ish.