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So you want to change your hair color. The steps will be different depending on the hair color. For brown you mostly adjust black and grey. If you have red you only adjust the reds. For blondes it’s yellow. Actually for blonde you can probably just overlay a different color onto it and call it good. Blonde is easiest.   Use blonde if you have the opportunity. It’s more fun.

Step 0: Acquire a face with hair.


This can be especially difficult so be careful.

Got it? Good.

For not black hair

Step 1: Selective color layer.

selective color.JPG

From this menu it’s the hourglass looking one.

selective color 2.JPG

You can also find it by clicking the circle!

Step 2: Layermask out everything but the hair

You can probably do this any time but you’ll be better able to see your success.

For areas with thin strands of hair use a low flow brush on your layer mask.

Step 3: Use sliders on the selective color layer to change color to the one you want

Is it that color? Good; you’re done.



For black hair

Step 1:  Hue saturation layer to desaturate your hair

You can use the same layer mask by holding alt and dragging the mask onto the hue saturation layer.

Hue saturation  is the one on the left of the scale.

selective color.JPG

You can also find it in the circle menu.

selective color 2.JPG

Step 2: Use a curves layer to bring out the highlights

It’s the one that looks like a snake graph. Also in circle menu.

Since it’s black hair you’ll probably lose them.

There are a few ways to do this but this one is felt easiest. Use what you like.

At this point you have grey hair! Maybe you can do something fun with that.

Step 3: Lower the exposure with and exposure layer

It’s the plus and minus one next to the upside-down triangle. Also in circle menu.

Just be sure not to lose your hair texture and you’re good. Be gentle with your sliders.


For more on changing hair color check out the guide that didn’t really help but still inspired this how to.