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So the other day Draco was talking about mascots and all the stuff Draco wants in the future. Well that very day that Draco spoke of mascots Hideo Kojima revealed his new studio’s mascot, LUDENS.


Hideo Kojima has always been a pretty smart cookie and Draco is pretty happy that we were both in similar mind states on that day. Draco would be happier if we had both had cool mascots on that day but oh well.

Then you’ll never believe what happened. So Draco put off writing about this because Draco usually likes at least two topics per post and then, on the very day Draco began writing, Sekai Project announced their new mascot, Sena Aozora!


What are the odds of a company that has released so many games that Draco enjoyed would announce their mascot on the very day Draco decided to write about how Draco talked about mascots on the same day as Hideo Kojima? About 50/50 really. Still that’s really cool. Also that’s potetntially the worst composed sentence of all time. Now Draco just needs to think of a way to end this post and get it out this very day. If Draco delays then this entire last paragraph has no meaning. That terrible sentence will have been for nothing. If only Draco had some sort of mascot character to distract you all with…

…Darn. Draco thought if there was an obvious space a mascot would just appear to fill it. Apparently that’s not how it works… What does work is picking up Sunrider: Liberation Day at 30% off! Sunrider is one of Draco’s favorite franchises published by Sekai Project and supposedly with the new update from last Tuesday it’s actually good now. Draco hasn’t tried yet because heartbreak but maybe you’ll like it. Draco hopefully will! There’s a 50/50 chance really.