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It’s been a while since Draco wrote anything you could read. Firstly the world is a sad place full of sad things.Secondly there is a post sitting in drafts that was meant to be really short but you can guess how that went.Regardless Draco realized that Draco can’t remember how to use regardless in a sentence correctly. Curse you people who keep saying irregardless for mucking up Draco’s memory.Too busy to look it up too… Let’s get to the topic though. Draco’s WACOM tablet arrived. Now Draco just needs to learn to use it. It’s very big. Apparently WACOM tablets are like fast food cup sizes. If you want a large you get a medium, a mediums a small, and so forth. Hopefully the WACOM’s largeness will just make it more inchargeness and Draco shall gallantly draw into the sunset.

Now keep in mind everyone that finals are coming up and Draco finally gets that sweet diploma. This means that in like two weeks Draco can write lots more. As for this week and next week well… This is actually taking up time that could have been spent on time sensitive work. That’s how much Draco loves you. Enough to take time and then make you feel guilty about it. Anyway… don’t actually feel guilty. Draco does that all the time for stupid things like swatting nats and petting cats too much. It’s a waste of time! Draco shall feel guilty for you and then Draco shall make it up to you with more posts. For example that one draft, Photoshop tutorials, maybe cheat and do some top 5s, yadda yadda. Top 5 top 5s sounds like a great idea.