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Draco got that fancy giant WACOM tablet up and running. Drawing with a pencil still feels better but this is leagues better than using a mouse. There is some weird problem where instead of doing what you drew they’ll just plop down a blob of pixels. Not sure what that’s about. Also the getting started thing tells you to restart and then on restart it doesn’t pop back up. That’s sorta stupid design. And then there is the on/off button. So there’s a few extra pieces and they’re for when you want to go wireless. If you’re just starting you might think “Oh, let’s get this working and then try that stuff” and that’s a fair thought but then when you’re done and want to turn the thing off without just unplugging it you’ll be a bit baffled. The instructions( aka 3 folded napkin sized pages which contain about 20 words and maybe 8 diagrams which really only include about 3 helpful diagrams) say there is a power button but unless you go through the process of ripping out the ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS place holders and install the wireless stuff there will not be a power button. That’s like including the power button of a computer on an included flashdrive. “Oh you don’t want to use this memory storage device right now? Well too bad.” Draco is annoyed by many thing but this… this is one of those things. This is all part of the bigger problem of people not including useful instructions anymore. For example the new computer Draco is typing this very post on has all of its instructions online. Now imagine for a moment that this is maybe your first PC.  You unbox it and ready yourself to join the magical world of computing when OOP how does any of this work? They say go online but this thing wont even turn on. “Have fun with your giant metal box” says the idiot who made this decision. Draco obviously didn’t have this problem but this kind of thoughtlessness cannot stand. Learn to write an instruction booklet please.

Anyway Draco did some drawings and we did end up with a standout.

This is Tim.


Tim does not approve.

Tim does not approve of the shenanigans these instruction booklet makers are getting up to. Tim does not approve of many things. Tim does not approve of autocorrect repeatedly changing his name to “Time”. Tim doesn’t approve of Draco repeatedly starting sentences with “Tim does not approve of”. That’s just Tim for ya. Tim ain’t the type to approve of things. Tim didn’t approve of Draco drawing a drawing that he’d already drawn in pencil using the magic new WACOM tablet but ultimately that’s Draco’s decision. Sometimes you just have to say no to Tim. He’s like Solas from Dragon Age Inquisition but sometimes Tim’s opinions are correct. Also you can’t gain Tim’s friendship by repairing magic lightbulbs.


Anyway this is a witch Draco drew the other day.

witch 002

And here is the new version.


Kinda like the hat better on the first one but the differences aren’t that bad. For like 3 hours practice compared to years of drawing with pencil and paper this gets a solid B. The shadows could also use some work but the confetti definitely improved. black and white confetti isn’t very clear. Coloring drawings in isn’t really any easier but it is cool how easy it is to sort of tone sketches. Hints of color seems to be the way.


Other sketches from the first day…





Rachel. She’s a robot. She has hooves for feet.

Sean and Abi

This is Seananald (Sean as his friends call him ( except money doesn’t talk)) and his unimportant assistant.