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Dear camera, Why did you focus on everything but the subject? Bad camera bad!

The other day Draco had a butterfly in his room. Later it became a moth. They are basically the same though except when you see a moth that looks like a butterfly it ends up being a super rare and heroic moth instead of just the usual old butterfly whereas the inverse would be a bland butterfly. A blanderfly. Either way Draco had to rush to save this creature because they do that thing where they go into your ceiling lights and die. Draco went on to risk life and limb to save this buttermoth and now it flutters happily somewhere else. Yay!  After all was said in done Draco did the rational thing and search the internet to find out what the event symbolized. Draco played Life is Strange and knows full well that blue butterflies bring a huge natural disaster and a blue haired girlfriend.  Does a red buttermoth bring a … volcano…? and a red-haired girlfriend? So far no.


Hella confetti though…

It’s all very unfortunate. Draco eventually read some lists instead of just hoping for off-color Life is Strange all night and one site said Draco’s latent psychic abilities would grow in strength. Draco didn’t really know Draco had any. Well guess what happened. Have you guessed yet? Be sure to write this down so you can’t cheat.


Ok so the answer…


The answer is “not that”. Well actually they may still be latent but the odds are that that did not happen. Ten points to whomever got that. Ultimately it seemed like Draco got nothing but a handful of pictures and a good deed out of this event. Sure that’s enough but Draco wanted plot development. And when all hope seemed lost Draco remembered that Draco wanted to write an inspirational post about never giving up hope. Turns out another site on those search results said that if you’re a person filled with unyielding hope you’ll attract moths. That is perhaps the lamest power anyone has ever had but it’s still better than nothing and it gave Draco an excuse to be especially corny. The worlds been kinda sad lately but it’s important to keep moving forward and help create a future where everyone can be relatively happy unless they’re like a serial killer or something. People will tell you that things can’t be done. “You can’t write an inspirational post because you’re too witty and hilarious” they’ll say but then a buttermoth of inspiration will fly into your life or you’ll find some other way because you are unstoppable when you just believe in yourself! “The best way to predict the future is to create it” said Peter Drucker and in a way that means we all have psychic abilities. See, this is all coming full circle.  Draco shall forge a future using the psychic powers granted by the buttermoth!