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Draco is having a fantastic time. They always say that thing about needing 1000 hours to be good at something and Draco is definitely interested in using Draco’s WACOM tablet for 1000 hours and beyond. The things that Draco can do on paper are starting to get easier while hands, feet, and hair remain difficult and stupid. Anyway here are some of the things Draco has worked on rather than sleeping. Now with watermarks because sadly that’s necessary. 😦


This is Tim after work. Everyone assumes the drink is alcoholic but only Tim knows for sure.What we do know is that it’s purple and also that Tim doesn’t approve of speculation.


This is Jim. Jim was named by Draco’s mom ❤ .Jim approves of the name Jim and also everything. Also Jim is a magical egg person.


This was done much earlier than the others and we can probably assume it would be defined as a war crime.Still kinda cute. Like you want to hug them but then you feel kinda slimey after.


Draco likes drawing witches. Deal with it.


Epaulettes are cool. If Draco had had to wear epaulettes to his graduation the other day it might have been more fun.

“Oh, she needs more boobs” – Draco’s Mom


An example of what happens when you start off by drawing pants. BRINGING DOWN THE THUNDER!


Paladin holding steadfast.

This wasn’t meant to be as Gundam-y as it is but oh well. Apparently Gundam has become ingrained in Draco’s mind or something.

It’s a shame that it gets difficult to see the shoulder writing at smaller sizes


Just doing some regular old housework.

“OH you drew me 😀 !” *sees picture without screen glare* “OH GOD THAT”S NOT ME! SHE HAS A BLOODY KNIFE! THERE’S BLOOD EVERYWHERE!” – Draco’s mom

Some of all this is fan art-y but you know it’s all progress. Draco has plans! Step 1: More drawings. Steps 2- sideways 8 are more complicated but let’s worry about those later.