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It’s the 7th days of the 7th month assuming future Draco actually posts this soon! Actually you may read this on a different day… Oh well, let’s just agree that the 7th day of the 7th month happened, alright? On this day the stars Altair and Vega who are in love are supposed to cross a magpie bridge and reunite.  It’s also basically the day that the story of Haruhi Suzumiya  was set to start. On top of that this is the 10th anniversary of Haruhi’s anime and Draco is pretty jazzed about it. They recently announced Blu-rays which Draco immediately bought. Enough discs and artcards to kill you if you ate them.


Please don’t eat any of this.

But specifically today Draco picked up 3 more volumes of their spinoff along with other stuff. Barnes and Noble is the best.


1, 2, and 8 to be even more specific. Oh and don’t eat these either, you weirdy.

… ya … You can see the problem driving Draco crazy. Don’t go thinking it’s a problem that can be fixed online. Well you could and it can but it’s more fun to find them in store. 1 and 2 were even in different spots because they couldn’t decide on whether to count the word “the”. Hopefully 3 and 7 will show up. If Haruhi is right and it takes 12 years for wishes to be answered well this may take a while… 😦 . Oh well! The six Draco has are good enough for now. ^_^