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Draco was doing what Draco does too much of aka watching the YouTubez. There’s that recommend section and it is 99% garbage.If Draco had time travel powers Draco would use them to unwatch whatever videos lead to the YouTube algorithm deciding these were recommended. So much worthless trite made by worthless trite >.<. Also other stuff would have to be done because time travel shouldn’t be wasted on frivolities like that. For example bringing drones to the 90s and screaming “HAHAHAHA! WE are the First Vanguard of the Future here to invade your primitive world!” and meeting that time traveler that Steins Gate was based on and saying hi. Those are worthwhile objectives.


Oh and another thing Draco would use time travel for is to stop Draco from talking about time travel because the past 30 minutes have been wasted reading about quantum tunneling. We still haven’t even actually gotten to the intended topic yet. So Draco was going through the recommends, carefully navigating the “angry mouth breathers who hate/fear women” and the “clickbaity all caps cult leaders who’ll probably all end up as congressmen once the money from complaining about each other runs dry” which eventually lead Draco to the video title “Top 10 unofficial Pokemon you’ve probably never heard of.” …


So Pokemon, sadly are not real. They exist about as much as Digimon did in their show which is sort of hilarious when you think about it. It’d be like Superman being real but instead of an alien he was created by the military, fought with a shield, loved America, and is technically owned by Disney even though that sounds questionably legal at best. To the point though, these featured in the video are not actual Pokemon. It’s of course ok if its popular fan created and/or axed draft Pokemon but these are one’s that you probably haven’t heard of.These are characters that are both not real enough to be part of a fictional animalia and are basically unheard of. You know what else you’ve never heard of that isn’t real? FWOOB!

What is FWOOB! you ask? Should you even care about FWOOB? Probably not! It was supposed to be nothing. Just an example of nonsense that could be pulled out of thin air and arbitrarily assigned a number.  apparently it’s a thing. Draco typed it into Google and it’s a thing. According to meaningfor.com

  • F letter form meaning in FWOOB. Its shape makes us think of an E that seems selfless but by the absence of its lower part something sexual forms. The top bar predominates to give priority to the head and higher awareness. The horizontal branches seem to be bent towards its vertical axis and result in a sensitive aspect of looking for harmony and balance.

  • W letter form meaning in FWOOB. These are two twin V! Its form captures doubling the energies of heaven(the mind) and propels them from heaven to the Earth and vice versa, without any rounding as to mark very sharp changes. It extends outwards to then bring everything back to him. The base indicates an intense life on the physical plane. It is a form that transmits changes to reach the satisfaction of the senses.

  • O letter form meaning in FWOOB. A simple circle that offers no opening, but that surrounds you and holds you to not go back. He knows how to turn things around. This beautiful roundness emits softness and harmony. Has no beginning and no end. This letter does not like square things, he loves curves, comfort and stability. One could compare it to a magnifying glass that would observe the stars and distant horizons.

  • B letter form meaning in FWOOB. The head seems rounded up just like the belly of an expectant mother and doubles this nice effect to settle on the ground. This brings out the suppleness consolidated by its bar fixed on the left axle. This bar seems subjected and weakened by the heaviness of the two big rounds which have only it for support.



Can you believe it’s a thing. It’s a thing! Back to the topic though, Draco gazed upon a list of also things(basically second cousins to FWOOB) that don’t exist that no one really talks about, knows about, or cared enough about to include in a list of just general unofficial Pokemon. Why? Why do people love lists so much? What is it about numbers that will make us swarm to the nearest list of unimportance? Sigh…