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So Draco started and finished RWBY the other day.Technically it was a restart; Draco tried it and didn’t really want to watch it the first time. Another thing Draco did; Draco learned that Draco can include descriptions of things while reviewing them to pad word count.

The future-fantasy world of Remnant is filled with ravenous monsters, treacherous terrain, and more villains than you can shake a sniper-scythe at. Fortunately, Beacon Academy is training Huntsmen and Huntresses to battle the evils of the world, and Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are ready for their first day of class.

That’s handy. So basically “World has monsters, people have cool weapons and powers, and it all takes place in a school because anime.”. All pretty standard stuff for this type of thing.


One of the problems with RWBY is when the characters walk and sometimes when they handle objects. The budget was spent elsewhere and that’s fine but it just so happens that RWBY starts with this. In reality though it starts with the trailers which they don’t include in the Netflix version for some reason.  Also they put every episode into one mega episode so it can be off-putting with sheer time alone. That’s a problem with every show on Netflix by Rooster Teeth though so it’s fine sorta. Actually it’s not but you know. Once you get past all that you find a show that’s pretty swell. It’s a shame that Draco held off so long on watching it. Oh and another thing; the only villain who isn’t just “NYEHEHEHE I’m EVILLLL” is seemingly mute. It’s more about the heroes though so that really doesn’t matter probably. There are a few good puns, they make you care about even some of the side characters, there’s a dog, what more can you want?


Draco’s Mom drew this one. She gets all the credit. ❤

Well you can want good main characters and the good news is they have that.


You have Ruby who is basically Nepgear from Hyperdimension Neptunia but not a boring pessimistic optimist with a sister who outshines her as a main character in a story centered around herself. They both have admirable idealism and combat competency but  Ruby actually realizes this and that makes her a worthy main.


Welp Draco feels bad now… Sorry.

Weiss is rich and has a stick lodged somewhere that is so unknowable that the best doctors in the land couldn’t remove it. Also Draco had to look up how to spell her name so Draco is pretty bitter. She ends up getting called an ice queen a lot even though she’s basically the mage character and she can shoot fire along with ice and probably electricity.You kinda start to like her as she starts show more dere and less tsun but maybe it’s actually just Stockholm Syndrome. What is impressive is that she is so ice queen-ie that one of the villains refers to her as such having never presumably met her. You don’t even notice till someone point it out too. She’s a pretty well-defined character if that’s the case.

Blake is basically the tail end of the plot for the first volume and saying what she’s about would basically spoil all that. She’s supposed to be the rogue but she’s more of a support.

Yang is Ruby’s sister who likes punching stuff and a good pun. Draco can appreciate that.Draco would say she’s the coolest cat but that isn’t entirely true.Cats don’t really punch so it wouldn’t work. Maybe a wombat. Wombats seem like they punch. She’s the tank of the party but also brings most of the dps.


Jaune is Nepgear if Nepgear’s pessimism and self defeatism were basically on the nose.


Pyrrha is a sweetheart. Clap clap clap. You’ll like her because everyone does.

Ren is a guy who was designed to be a minor character and the only reason he made the list was association. Technically a success.

… and then there is the best character. When Draco questioned “Is RWBY a ok show or a certified Draco approved show?” this character leapt up and said some stuff. Then they said some more stuff, followed by the word “Boop”, and finally said the most important thing of all. Actually no they said some other stuff after boop. After that part they definitely said the important thing. And it was said on that day:


Ya probably spoilers for Nora because she’s the best. Like if you actually plan on watching just finish this later.


If only this was a gif…

She’s like Thor because big ol’hammer/ being the god of thunder stuff  but Nora is more fun. Also she once took out 12 basically bears in her sleep.


Nora can fly with her grenade launching hammer.


Nora has ambition and a desire for desirable real estate.


Nora has the solution for basically every problem.


And most of all Nora drove Draco to do fanart which hardly ever happens.


Nora alone is a reason to watch the show honestly. Draco means a separate reason from “likable character”. For example…


Reasons to Watch RWBY:

Top notch fight scenes.

Imaginative world building.

Zwei is a cute puppy.


A Chibi spinoff.

Likable characters.



See. It happened.


Oh and thanks Monty Oum for the show! Rest in peace friend.