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So Draco started writing this post and then thought “how many posts begin with ‘So Draco’?” and that feels like an important topic. Draco scrolled through to December 31st of last year and there were surprisingly only two instances. There were posts where “So Draco” pops up but they tend not to actually begin the post. This one was just barely out of the running because of Labronbrium. It’s important to examine yourself and figure out which words you may be using too often. From there you can choose to reduce the number of instances or if you’re like Draco, increase them. So Draco, so Draco, so Draco, so Draco, so Draco, so Draco, so Draco.


This falls under parody whoever owns the rights to that’s SO raven.

Anyway, Draco’s been doing the whole drawing thing almost every night and when not drawing Draco looks for tips, tricks, and inspiration. On the hunt Draco came across something which in reality is pretty much benign but the presentation seemed a bit creepy. So there was this thing that seems to have started on presumably DeviantArt a few years ago called “adoptables”. So the idea is that people create characters, animals companions, alien species, yadda. Basically you buy the rights to the character which is sorta normal but this person had this sad cube of characters. Draco’s done essentially a mock-up of what it looked like with gold instead of money because money makes it creepier and it broke Draco’s heart a little bit…


None of these are actually for sale. This is an example! Jeez.

Ignoring the parts where Draco was witty, isn’t this creepy. Draco is being distracted by all the cute characters Draco made but still this doesn’t seem okay appearance wise. The rows are probably the cause. Individual ones didn’t bother Draco but this format does. It seems like people still create adoptables but all of the newer ones seem to have them as individuals like Draco suggests so maybe this was actually a controversy. Adoption agencies do charge some money for legal fees and such so it’s fine but it’s not like the adoption agencies make the children. Adoption is the attempt to give a child a loving home because they don’t have a viable one but these characters were made to be exchanged for currency. Draco is no lawyer but Draco is pretty certain selling babies you made would be illegal. This is obviously not illegal and the new owner may give the character a great life with many adventures. Ultimately this is a way for people who can’t create characters or just really like characters to obtain intellectual property but the cold efficiency and the big sold signs bothered Draco and  that sort of sullied the whole concept.