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So Draco saw this spider in the shower. Actually before the story look at how Draco used “So Draco” AGAIN after mentioning the habit in the last post. It wasn’t a conscious decision either.


Draco had a clear plan to stretch one story about a spider into a full post and yet this happens. What a magical world we live in!

Anyway the spider. It was probably a baby spider. No bigger than several eyelashes combined into the shape of a spider. It crawled in to get water or something probably. The problem was that it was just slightly bigger than a water droplet and water droplets could probably kill it in one or two hits. The poor thing realized this about half way down the shower which is probably like 3 driving measurements(miles, kilometers, Draco will not deal with the differences.). If Draco tried to help it at all it would probably be crushed and Draco considered giving it a quick death instead of a long painful drowning but then the spider started climbing. Two steps at a time they climbed and while it seemed unlikely eventually they made it. The path seemed insurmountable but with persistence they surmounted! If you ever feel like you can’t do something think of this spider and do the something! You are much larger than a spider( Well unless you’re a Borrower but hey y’all have plenty of inspirational stories already. ( Actually this spider was way smaller than a Borrower so never mind.) ) and a stream of water from a shower probably wont kill you. You are amazing and you can definitely do it! Even if a stream of water does kill you somehow at least you tried!