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Warning: Draco talks about stuff he found on a website that believes it’s religious.In reality it’s just a small pathetic group that just wants a way to feel superior and that their miserable pathetic lives have value by disgracing established religions with their presence. If you don’t like reading about such things please skip to the part that starts with KABLAMO!

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So Draco was watching the telly and noticed something. It wasn’t something important but it was something Draco could gripe about for like 200 words or so so it seemed perfect for a post. This is the gold Draco thrives on. If people can charge money to read an article whining about Overwatch characters being called heroes Draco can certainly whine about this for free( if only Draco could figure out a way to charge… you didn’t read that). Side note Draco would like to rant about that eventually. Please remind Draco; thank you. So anyway Draco went to go research the topic because what if it’s just some obscure thing Draco didn’t know. Draco doesn’t want to seem like some jerk complaining about a normal thing. So Draco goes and searches and as far as Draco can tell the complaint is 100% valid but what catches Draco’s attention is that the first two results were about how women who wear pants are harlots and that Katy Perry is an agent of the devil. Along with that, apparently watching television makes you an adulterer. Disappointingly Draco can’t replicate the results a day later but the fact that these stupid sites could appear from a simple grammar check is disturbing( Actually Draco did after finishing this post but they certainly won’t get any traffic from here.). All people have the right to wear whatever clothing they want( Well assuming it’s not like naked clothing. Like you can’t just puts socks on and say ” hey I’m fully dressed”. You’ll catch a cold that way). As for television being adultery well the only way that works is if you don’t know what adultery means… Perhaps they should read a book.  Also how does such a stupid lunatic make a web page? Sure their choice of colors is atrocious but still they made an actual website.  Draco took multiple classes in college that were all about coding and yet this imbecile didn’t even miss a semicolon.  Well to be specific multiple imbeciles because  there were multiple site but imagining them as one congealed mass makes Draco feel better about humanity as a whole. It’s hateful idiots like this that have given Draco a two-week long headache( Actually it was probably the weather or neck position that prolonged it but stupidity definitely started it.). Ignorance is bliss so they’re probably having a wonderful time being awful and thinking that either god or the devil actually care about leg-wear. Sure there is that old saying “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing women to put their legs into two cylinders of fabric also Katy Perry is totes his bff lol and hes cheatin on his wif with a televisizn” but that will never actually be a saying and if anyone actually believes garbage like “women shouldn’t wear pants” or “watching television is adultery” Draco hopes you have a terrible day and gain some common sense. Also some sort of pants related punishment like they just catch on fire or something. That’d be swell. It’s hard to think of a tv related punishment other than having a tv fall on their head and sure they probably deserve that but Draco’s a softie so lets leave it at fire.



Anyway the thing Draco originally wanted to complain about.There was a Victoria’s Secret commercial and they apparently started calling their lines of sports pants “sports pant”.So they are pants but they leave off the s. It’s a singular pant apparently. It’s not half a pair of pants either; it’s the whole pants. that’s sorta weird. It’s not really a problem but really, who was in that meeting where they decided to drop the s? How did they make that decision. Draco is flabbergasted. It’d be like Toyota deciding they sell truk. Sure it has no bearing on the product but it’s really weird. It’s hard to focus on when you get distracted by garbage cans learning html  and spewing stupid vitriol but when you ignore that it does provide a quality baffling. It’s like how baffling can apparently be a noun except how that is surprisingly common and pant being used for pants is relatively rare.

This is surprisingly from 2012… This has been going on longer than we could have ever expected.





Also, as a reward for that rant here you may gaze upon a corgi puppy.

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