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Draco went to the merchants the other day to buy their wares. Warning this will mostly be Draco bragging about stuff Draco bought. On the way there Draco learned that some people can apparently bend infinitely. Draco saw a car accident result and the poor guy was twisted around. Spine had to have been spring shaped, oh and his one leg had a brand new knee below his regular knee. Draco suspected he was dead but then a few minutes later the guy was walking around. Not a visible scratch on him. Twas magic apparently.

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Anyway Draco went into this one anime store. Draco is always feeling terrible when Draco goes in this store but that’s not their fault. Same thing happens any time Draco talks to an adviser. They had stuff and of course Draco wanted a lot of it but Draco isn’t willing to drop $200 on not actually metal swords, Draco has too much shame to buy a boob mouse pad( though Draco needs an actual mouse pad so it would have been an actually practical purchase), wall scrolls need somewhere to hang, the plushies weren’t appealing enough,  and all of the costumes would have looked ridiculous on Draco so Draco just grabbed a shirt and some blind bags. This cashier was much better than the one Draco met at this store the last time and she convinced Draco to buy two additional bags. It was $15 for 2; $20 for 3… The shirt didn’t fit even though it was a large but Draco isn’t feeling bad because at another store Draco bought a size medium and it fit. Clothing makers need to get their act together. All in all check out the cute future of music Miku!


Draco tried to make this one look hologram-y without making many selections. It was Miku’s birthday the other day so be sure to wish her a happy one.


The bottom Miku had lighting issues which is why she got the solo shot. The only reason this didn’t get cropped more was to save a pic and show off Helena. Helena is the best yo. Be sure to watch Orphan Black since it’s better than whatever show steals Best Actress from Tatiana Maslany.


So then Draco went in search of refreshment, as one does on a hunt. Yadda yadda stuff blablah Draco came upon another provider of goods. The contents of the shop reminded Draco of that one store Draco went to where the shopkeeper told Draco to go away since Draco obviously couldn’t afford any of the obviously high price items( worthless knockoff garbage) in his tiny cubical shop but this shop was bigger with more items and better staff. As Draco was respectfully greeted by a proper shopkeeper Draco noticed the same item that had caught Draco’s eye earlier. Admittedly wooden rather than plastic but oh well. Super cheap anime related sword and they had a two for one special since it was part of a set.


Every time Draco looks at this Draco laughs. What a totally nonsensical purchase.

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Credit to PonyLord

It may not be perfect but it was cheap and it does exist so ultimately Draco is happy with the purchase. The scissorblades are some of the most iconic swords of recent anime so Draco is glad to have them. Well even if they weren’t iconic Draco would be happy with just about anything Kill la Kill related.A real one like they made on Man At Arms Reforged would have been preferable but way more expensive.

Then Draco just went to Barnes and Noble s and picked up some of the usj.

Oh and the other day Draco picked up some of them amiibo the ebays are always talking about. Callie and Marie are truly squidtastic.


“Stay Fresh”

And then way before that Draco picked up this Tracer Pop


“Keep calm and Tracer on!”

Draco wasn’t going to share this one since it was a while ago but Draco spent too much time making her chronal accelerator shiny and lit.