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So Draco was really excited to write a post about the magical adventure of having to pick up his diploma . It kinda spiraled out of control when it started becoming an animated comic. Honestly it wasn’t that interesting. Also the backstory where a person doesn’t understand how forms, the post office, giving out their email, and being a responsible adult works drags it into “Make Draco so angry he has to stop writing” territory… Ultimately Draco just needs to put it down on paper so Draco can go write about something else. Ideally Draco will write another post really soon and make up for all the breaks. :/


Distraction Clouds!

So it all started with Draco putting on a shirt.Draco had the choice of putting on that shirt that fit from two posts ago or a comfy shirt from whenever Assassin’s Creed 3 came out.

Image result for assassin's creed 3 shirt

This is the shirt. It’s comfy and was on sale. So Draco goes in the sweltering heat and this is turning into an overly dramatic mess again oh no… On the way to the college Draco saw this mural for a community project or whatever. They had school kids paint the wall near the school. It appear that someone decided to paint what appears to be two priests being crucified with the world on fire in the background. Actually that might be the sun and the moon. Brown haired guy has really long legs.It’s probably depicting that form of torture where you stretch a person.


This is how Danganronpa starts so stop it.


Puhuhuhusee you soon!

So Draco departed world on fire land and eventually got to the waiting room.  It was essentially empty with one person in line and two people playing trashcan basketball but with kissing.


It’s a strange sport

Eventually the line person finishes and it was Draco’s turn. Draco carefully quells what fury lies in his heart and Draco is greeted with a perfectly nice person. Draco expected the person to try to charge Draco a second time but no. They understood the situation and were super happy and positive and Draco was really feeling those positive vibes.Also they looked like Chloe from Life is Strange which is always appreciated. So Draco gets the diploma says thank you and then they say ” I love your shirt…”.This made Draco so HAPPY but sadly that punctuation is an ellipses.”Assassin’s Creed 3 really was the last good game ever made!” Ya Draco was a bit stunned. Draco had never actually heard someone say a single positive word about 3. Admittedly they could have meant last good game in the franchise or by Ubisoft but no it seems like she meant out of everything.Draco just had to smile and nod ya know. It’s like talking about Indian Jones and someone saying their favorite is the one with Shia Labeouf.  Curse the awkwardness. T_T


And that’s the story.