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Draco is sick. Draco would just like to lay down right now. Draco made an amusing jest that Draco would just write the words “Draco is sick” forty-seven times and  have that be the week’s post. Writing a post shouldn’t have even been a problem because Draco already wrote a post reviewing Rimworld(spoilers: it’s great) but Draco doesn’t have the screenies set yet.



Also Draco has a bad taste in his mouth. If Draco had to describe Draco would say it is the passage of time stealing one’s loved ones while one looks on through the space but as a taste. So like slightly too old. Very annoying.


Oh and the My Mix feature of YouTube keeps putting not songs on. Draco wants background noise, not an explanation on the law of attraction. Upon further reflection that seems kinda ironic but Draco is still not happy about it!

What Draco is happy about is Draco found that brand of modeling clay that Draco likes. They redesign the box too often. Draco hasn’t opened it yet though because germs or whatever. Also Draco found the Iron Giant and that new Final Fantasy movie for cheap but Draco hasn’t had time.


Luke Cage was really good though.Clap clap clap. Draco also caught up on another show but that fits with a post Draco plans for the end of the month so we can talk about that then.


It’s annoying having very little to extensively talk about and then having those things be topics you want to cover later or that you aren’t set up to finish yet. That kinda makes Draco wonder how authors and game developers survive the creation process without just being super transparent.

Oh on that note Draco is doing some great characterization lately. Maybe Draco will do that whole NANOWRIMO thing. It’s a shame Draco doesn’t have a Word install on this comp. Word Online is essentially just Google Docs but slightly worse. If they’re going to release Word free for mobile then they should do it for not mobile too. >.< .

Another thing! If you can input text there should be an automatic spellcheck! Did you know that Photoshop has a spellcheck but you have to go find it in a menu if you want to use it. Is there a way to make it automatic? Probably not! If there is please tell Draco.

You’re probably wondering how much longer Draco can continue this sea of complaints, right?   Well that’s the plan Draco formed halfway through writing this. One hour of complain writing!

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Why is YouTube so incredibly stupid? They abuse the people who actually allow their company to run aka content creators, they worship advertisements even though their YouTube Red idea was built off the principle idea that their user-base hates advertisements so much they’d pay to have them stop, and they continue to step at Draco with advertisements and suggestions involving this YouTube Red even though a blind man who is also dead and in space could see that the platform along with essentially every other idea they’ve come up with in the past few years are all total failures.

Draco just started watching Daredevil. It’s cool but it’s kinda weird how the bad guys are using blinded slave labor. Maybe that was in the comics but it just seems out-of-place that the one superhero who is blind would just happen to be fighting the only villains who keep their victims compliant with blindness. Like imagine a one-armed superhero discovering a villain was using only people with one arm. It’s weird.

Why does Windows think desktop users want a lock screen and why does the lock-screen keep asking Draco to ask random questions? Why would Draco want to know how far away the Grand Canyon is? How about instead of making Draco pull up this sorry excuse for a screen saver you just let Draco use the computer and look it up for you? AND WHY DID YOU REMOVE GROUP POLICY EDITOR on some editions of windows 10? DRACO NEEDS THAT TO FIX YOUR GARBAGE DECISIONS more effectively and with greater control WINDOWS PEOPLE!

Why did a sad song have to come on just as Draco was getting fired up? That’s sad.


Why is the sad song still on? Draco finished talking about it? *cries*


IT’S STILL ON! *cries*


How has the human race not created the perfect box yet? We have the tools but not the drive apparently. Think about it though. In every sci-fi future setting you can tell it’s the future because every single box has the same basic design. If we want to live in a future that’s the future we need to perfect our boxes.

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Why are there no really good procedurally generated murder mystery games yet? Why are there no really good murder mystery games where the killer changes between playthroughs? Why aren’t there more good regular mystery games? Most importantly why does Draco crave the opportunity to solve crimes on occasion? Draco blames psych for being a great show.

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Psych was removed from Netflix.

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