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Draco watched Little Witch Academia the other day. It’s on Netflix. It was originally just a short but then they made another short and now it’s going to get a full series.  It was made by Studio Trigger aka the Kill la Kill and Space Patrol Luluco people. That essentially means it’ll be pretty good. The art style is essentially the same as all their other works but this one is of the adorable variety. One of the character is almost entirely redeemed by how cute their little familiar( cute little magical companion( usually an animal but in this case  it’s like a candle)) is.

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You were pretty much just a sidekick till you pulled that little sweetheart out.

The plot for the first short is essentially the first Harry Potter sans the overarching evil, the terrible home life, and the “Ur a wizard ‘Arry”. There is a main character, a side kick, an actual competent friend, a rival, and the rivals two sidekicks who are clearly outclassed by their master but hoot and holler anyway.To be fair that is a pretty standard setup and obviously shouldn’t be taken as a negative.

The short starts with the main character Akko being inspired by a performer named “Shiny Chariot”. She goes to Magical school to be like her hero but as anyone who read the words “Shiny Chariot” in the last sentence can expect  this draws ire and ridicule. Somehow she makes friends with straight-laced side kick Lotte (pictured above with the cute fire thingy) and the clearly better than everyone else but probably too intimidating to hang out with more competent people but oh well we don’t usually pick our friends by their level of competency Sucy Manbavaran( best character 10 out of 10). The trio then go on to do stuff you’d do at a magical school.

Sucy ended up being one of Draco’s Inktober/Witchtober Witches.

That’s about all you can say about the plot without spoiling at least the first part since it’s only an hour and a half at the moment( the first part being the half hour). What can be said is that it is a very solid well done story with only the necessary. They build a story and make you care about the characters better than some series with full seasons and bigger budgets. Draco looks forward to the series and highly recommends you catch up before the premiere. Coming January 2017 to a Netflix near you.

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As for criticisms Draco only has one point and after looking into it a little bit more it may not even be a point. So all of the people who talk about Shiny Chariot on the show refer to her as Shiny Chariot. Apparently she was so disliked by the witch community for being flashy that she had to go into hiding and change her name. Her name. This make Draco wonder was Shiny Chariot not just a stage name? Was her name ACTUALLY Shiny Chariot? All of the evidence and the way people talk makes Draco think that her actual name was Shiny Chariot. Now apparently her wand( it’s actually a rod but calling it a wand to begin with is easier) is called the Shiny Rod. This may mean that she was only called Shiny because of her use of the Shiny Rod OR the rod was named for her? There isn’t really clarification so potentially some witch family decided “Eh, you know what we should name our baby? SHINY!”. Even if that wasn’t the case there isn’t anything saying that her official last name isn’t Chariot. That’s more forgivable than naming your kid Shiny but still… It’s weird. This doesn’t detract from the experience though. It if anything makes Draco want to know more about the world. What in their culture would lead them to develop such odd names? It was kinda nice in RWBY when they explained why everyone had colorful names. Something like that for Little Witch Academia would be nice.


More sparkly than shiny, really.