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It’s Dracoblag’s third anniversary today! That means that Draco started Dracoblag THREE years ago. That’s equal to one year of time painted red. The third anniversary is the crystal/ glass anniversary. Does that mean anything here? Not really. There are lots of crystal things in final fantasy if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Pylons in Starcraft are essentially giant crystals.

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Rin Tohsaka from Fate/ Stay Night used some crystal magic.

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Draco when he was younger was into an anime called Glass Fleet.It got Draco into the concepts of Space Operas and french nobility sounding names. It was also probably the first show Draco watched where the villain was really cool but also totally irredeemable( an absolutely abhorrent inhuman being) while the mains were relatively unimpressive aside from their outfits( all of them were really cool). It was essentially a soap opera so it wasn’t reviewed all that positively in the annals of history but oh well.

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Epaulettes just look good  

If Draco remembers correctly when Draco took that quiz in Infamous Second Son Paper Trail (not really)viral marketing quiz it said Draco would have glass manipulation powers. Too bad that power was scrapped in-game. 😦

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When Draco was little Draco loved the sound of glass breaking.

Glass armor in Skyrim and other elder scrolls games( which Draco didn’t play that much of) were generally the best looking.

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Why is there gold? Because cool. Because cool.

That’s probably about it. Happy Anniversary Dracoblag!


We did it!