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So apparently “Witchapalooza” may be a thing already for some restaurants. Witches Night can’t be used either because that’s April 30th apparently. Draco decided to use a colon and the word extravaganza instead.  Originally this was going to be a week-long extravaganza of witches but several things got in the way.

  1. Draco had a day trip the other day. Draco got some good pictures and discovered that McDonald’s Eggs are halfway decent in the sense that half the egg was decent while the other half was disgusting. Draco threw most of that half out.
  2. Draco struggled to come up with seven ideas. Draco will go over the remaining ideas but one of the better ones was quickly murdered. The idea was to talk about the origin of the typical witch design we see today. The very day Draco came up with the idea Draco went on YouTube, checked his subbox, and found this.

Like it doesn’t go over every little detail but it’s essentially the entire idea.

3. Halloween was on a Monday. That means the week of would have started on a Tuesday. That’s weird.

4. Draco was busy doodling nonsense.

So anyway let’s settle this here and now. First off Draco shall post the 31 witches Draco did for Inktober and Witchtober. Draco never missed a day by the way. if you follow Draco on Twitter you’ve already seen these but some people haven’t so boo.

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Draco wouldn’t just make a post to repost all of Draco’s posts though probably! You probably missed the witches that fell between the floorboards.


Darkness Witch!


Witch Draco from Magical Diary!


Singing Witch!


Owl Witch!


Nature Witch!



Mage Witch( Yes that sounds redundant)




And now for all the witches that weren’t in ink.


A Blood Witch 

Summoning Witch2.jpg

A Summoning Witch


Mami Tomoe from memory in under 30 minutes.


Katrina the Mob Boss Witch (Also 30 minutes)


A Book Witch.

So that’s about it on witches Drawn by Draco. While doing Book Witch’s little magical circle Draco looking for magic related stuff. Mostly Draco was trying to find a summary of sigils (Where you deconstruct the letters of a sentence and shove the little lines together essentially) so Draco could do some of that and make the circle really magic looking but it ended up being way too much. On the bright side Draco did find this cool witch on YouTube called Taty the Mighty . Not only is she a witch, she has great taste in anime, that url says tatyology à la tautology which is hilarious, she’s a big fan of boobs, Draco meant to type “books” but it isn’t a lie so Draco isn’t hitting backspace, and she has DID so that’s like 30 times the fun. #Variety #TheyreAllGreatFYI #ChickenForGarnet #WhenYouStartAListButYouOnlyHaveOneListPoint #FreudianTypo #Hashtag

As for other topics to cover, Little Witch Academia already got its review and Magical Diary will get a review some other day. We only have three more hours till the Witching Hour so it’s probably best to hit publish sooner rather than later.

Happy Halloween Everyone!shinychariot

This is a great gif.