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Draco has a few ideas but Draco still has one of those “look at all this cool stuff” posts on the burner so that needs to be removed from the burner and served. Draco doesn’t remember enough of those running a restaurant reality shows to continue this metaphor. Stuff! Specifically birthday stuff.


Everyone place your bets on what is in the box. You will probably never guess correctly but it’s important to keep the hope that lives in your heart alive! Guess with your full conviction!








It was another box. A box inside a box. Let’s skip the obvious reference to the popular 2010 sci-fi movie, Tron: Legacy.


Frisbee Golf The Movie

So now what was in the box’s box?


It’s Myrtenaster from RWBY! Essentially a revolver rapier.  It’s heavier than you’d expect. The fins are probably sharper than the tip. It still stabbed the box pretty well. If Draco must ever fight cardboard warriors, Myrtenaster will be perfectly fine. Draco looks forward to finding a way to display it somehow.

Just one question.



It seems to serve literally no purpose whatsoever. Draco has pressed this button many times. Maybe every time Draco presses it a random person dies. Maybe an angel gets its brand new 2016 wings by Chevrolet. Maybe it forces you to hit like and subscribe hashtag winky face. Who knows?

We also have this beautiful RWBY MUG!


It’s great, Draco really appreciates it, but There is a problem. To understand the problem you’d either have to watch the Rooster Teeth podcast or watch this much shorter animated short.

Now guess what Draco saw on the bottom of the mug? A sticker! Admittedly it’s just a little “China” sticker to say hey this is made in China but still. That’s like Oreo saying you’re not allowed to have milk with their cookies. Communication is key. If you’re going to say no to mug stickers make sure your company doesn’t put stickers on mugs.


Other than that Draco just got a few of them ol’ Funko Pops and a cellular telephone which Draco hasn’t really used much because it’s scary.


Anyway, here’s a question for you. With the advent of unboxing videos and reaction videos, do you ever feel like when you open or react to something without filming it that you rob yourself of content? It sours the experience a bit.