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Draco has been working on his novel. It’s turning out fairly well. A part of Draco wants to take it into a game(a la visual novel or rpg( Kind of like those Lonely Wolf Treat games Draco always recommends to you.)) but for now it’s about getting the story out. Also That’s like twice the typing when Draco isn’t even half way to the middle. It’s not that Draco isn’t writing much, it’s that Draco like to let characters do essentially whatever they want. Draco rewatched the first episode of Inuyasha the other day and the sequence of events pretty much describe exactly what Draco means. So Kagome gets attacked by a demon, dragged through time, and finds a guy pinned to a tree with an arrow. She notices the guy has cute doggy ears and instead of doing what you’d expect and helping the guy even slightly or just assuming he’s dead and worrying that the space that was once her back yard was now a forest she decides “Hey! I want to touch those ears.”. It would have been a whole lot easier to have her go “Oh no! This Strange Dog Boy needs my help” and have her accidentally free the initially angry half-demon but nope. So Draco went on a herding cat trial. It takes longer when one character decides they have to go backwards because they want that one thing or instead of finishing an objective they get a new one but oh well. It’ll get there.  Especially once more characters join the group.


^She’s our only hope.

Anyway now that December is almost over Draco needs to find a December challenge.  Well technically Draco could just do whatever. Finishing( AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) November’s could be a thing but a drawing one would be preferable. Draco can hardly listen to any of the music he has while writing because either lyrics, catchiness, or violently different mood. It’s hard to write some characters when the music playing is their antithesis. While drawing though it doesn’t really matter as much. The catchiness thing still applies but few songs are that catchy. Draco did  find one or two good ones but one was marked as an October only challenge and the other was a thematic type of thing where you can write, draw, or do whatever the hell you want. Draco will probably just rebel against the October label and maybe apply the rest after. Other things Draco has to do include that Magical Diary( Which include replaying it because who can be bothered to remember stuff, right?) review, editing and recording stuffs, and catching a Cyndaquil.


Draco’s first Pokemon, Draco’s favorite Pokemon.

Draco bought Pokemon Moon strictly because in the promotional stuff they said you can get a Cyndaquil. Draco thought it would be like Pokemon X & Y where they were so drunk on Mega-Evolution that they threw the original starters in your faces. “We didn’t come out with iconic enough starters this time around so if we want Mega-Evolution to succeed we better roll out the Charizard.”  was probably what they were thinking. X & Y definitely weren’t the best Pokemon games. Mostly the professor was creepy. Anyway it’s amazing how they added dialog choices, pokedex entries that suggest an actual ecosystem, and an entire year( an 11-year-old instead of the usual 10)!  Also they did that whole island atmosphere so well that Draco has spent more money on drinks than pokeballs. Clothing is pretty cool too btw. Draco bought sunglasses that according to Draco’s poor conversion rate memory would cost about $550-610 USD. That’s a stupid purchase and it’s pretty cool they got Draco to pull the trigger.


In all the other games Draco ended up rich but here that seems unlikely and Draco is only about half way through. That’s the problem though. Draco now knows that you can only get Cyndaquil by scanning a group of 10 QR codes every 20 hours or so on the first island assuming you don’t get a different Pokemon. They offer all of the gen 2 starters and some other ones( supposedly it’s a group of twelve) but Draco’s been aiming for Cyndaquil since preording. Draco’s team composition is Cyndaquil based.  If Draco had learned how to get Cyndaquil before getting to the second island Draco wouldn’t have gone to the second island. It probably would have ruined the entire experience. At this point Draco refuses to go to the third and it’s been several days. Draco really likes where the story is going but if Draco waits till the end to get a Cyndaquil it will just be a disappointment. Probably! Draco assumes it will be because everything after Crystal has been but maybe this will be different. Draco remains safely skeptical so Draco shall keep trying but the random nature is slightly disappointing. Draco did order a plush Cyndaquil off Amazon though so don’t worry no one needs to die yet. It is based on Hawaii though and Hawaii has volcanoes. kicking someone into one to jump-start the Cyndaquil process would be a nice option. Admittedly Draco would feel to guilty to do anything at that point but haha murder humor. Oh that reminds Draco of another thing! So now wild Pokemon can call for help. Sometimes the help doesn’t come. This makes Draco pretty sad most of the time; the poor Pokemon need help, they call to their friends, and the friend is like nope. Draco usually lets them go. Draco would appreciate if one of them had a Cyndaquil friend and maybe for taking it easy on them they could say “hey go be caught by that guy” or if RNGesus could help Draco out here and drop a box of them in Draco’s lap.


Source: http://fav.me/d3bw2i9