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So December 11th is the day Draco picked to be Mallory’s birthday.  Just a fyi, Draco has done more than a week of Mallory related drawings. Her birthday being this month was most of Draco’s motivation. You can catch the action as it happens on Draco’s twitter which you can find at the bottom of the site. Last month Draco wrote the beginnings of a rough draft of a novel centered around Mallory. Mallory has been sleeping for Draco essentially. It has been a very Mallory time of year. Draco should really be working on day 12 right now and the rest of the month after that. Now it’s time to post all the Mallory’s Draco can find except for the one Draco accidentally did a few months ago which will be saved for Easter.


A cute black and white Mallory!


Crying chibi Mallory.

Chibi Mallory2.png

Angry chibi Mallory.

Mallory 002

Look at This cute early version of Mallory. ❤

She didn’t even have her eye triangle makeup thingies at this point. Mr. Spikey hasn’t changed at all though.


Mallory in a witch costume. Mr Spikey in a broom costume.

This was from Witchtober. Good times.


A cool outfit probably for being stealthy.


This was supposed to be Mallory in her underwear and technically she is in them. Technically every picture of her so far she’s been in them…


Mallory checking herself out in a reflective surface.


Mallory’s room with her sleeping in it. Mallory has great taste in posters. Those pillows are pretty nice too. The carpet is kinda ugly though.


Mallory waking up from sleeping for a full day.


Mallory, Katie, and Mr. Spikey crossplaying as Genos, Saitama, and Tornado from One Punch Man! Mr. Spikey’s costume had to be taped on.


Mallory trying to do one of those late for school toast running scenes even though she graduated already and also was home schooled sort of. Also it was decided the toast is named Toast-Facé, Esq.


Mallory was asked this question and she responded with “Trick question. Only the one on the right isn’t human.”


Mallory doesn’t like spiders webbing up her hallways. Once again though if it’s relatively the size of a person Mallory probably won’t notice anything else. She might need glasses. If you look back at the early cute version she doesn’t have pupils so having bad eyesight would make sense.


Tried it.


And the birthday pic guest starring Thérèse awkwardly staring.

You have now seen all the Mallory’s from the past slightly more than a week. Draco must now draw more Mallory’s. Also Draco filled out on of those character sheets on Deviantart and a stats page also from … Deviantart too maybe? Draco’ll try to make a page with it and also do the rest of Draco’s characters eventually.

Anyway happy birthday Mallory! Have a wonderful Dracocember and a merry Mallorymas!

*flies away*