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So this is sort of tacked on since it just happened but Draco wishes the best for Carrie Fisher who at the moment seems to have stabilized from a heart attack. Hopefully she stays well.


Draco saw Rogue One the day before yesterday. Draco wrote this post yesterday. Spoilers and all but ya it was good. It was definitely better than the prequels but it certainly wasn’t the best one ever as some people have stated. It looked really good and there was plenty of action candy.  Maybe it would have been better as a Neflix original series. The environments were definitely the best they’ve ever done. There was one scene  near the beginning in a crowded city road and the crowds were absolutely gorgeous. It felt really really real. You could see a Stormtrooper helmet bobbing through the crowd and it just pulled the whole scene together. There was a few problems and by that Draco means essentially three problems that ultimately matter. The dialogue at times was a little meh. There was a super obnoxious cameo at one point where it just felt like they were screaming “HEY! IT”S STAR WARS!!!!!!!”. Most of the cameos were great but this one was just bad. you’ll know the one if you watch it. as for the third problem, Draco can’t remember anyone’s name. Jyn doesn’t count  because Draco remembers her name from before watching the movie. Everyone else was really great and recognizable. They were pretty great companions( some better or worse than others). With Force Awakens everyone knew the names of all the main characters, ESPECIALLY BB-8. The imperial droid guy was probably one of the best droids Star Wars has done in any of the canon stuff and Draco doesn’t know their name. That’s probably a Draco problem more than anything but still they definitely didn’t hit the brand recognition market well this time around.


Oh ya and this isn’t really a problem but wasn’t the plot pretty standard movie plot and also had some Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s funny how Draco is using that in a slightly negative sense when that was the entire dream that the creators of Suicide Squad had. Like if Draco were talking about them and said they reminded Draco of Guardians they’d probably shed tears of joy. Anyway it also had the feel of really well written fan fiction. You know where the characters are there and they’re doing stuff but only things the canon characters do actually has any effect whatsoever. Actually that’s also good historical fiction. In a way this is historical fiction for a fictional world.  Was it good? Overall really good. It was fun. The last scene would have been worth the ticket price alone. but did it matter in the grand scheme of the plot? No. Though to be fair they had no room to maneuver. A cameo from this film in ep 8 would have just been pretty stupid. They wrapped things up and provided and experience that was a worthwhile way of spending however long it is. Also thing CG stuff was barely noticeable. Draco probably would have just assumed they reused footage or something if Draco hadn’t been told ahead of time.


So realistic.