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Draco did it! Woop. That review of Magical Diary that Draco kept putting off because he hadn’t played it recently? Well it’s been recently’d. Recently as in like a few days ago.  Actually it’s been like a week or two now. Draco had to wait till that emptiness you get from finishing a good game or reading a good book went away. Judging by the tears welling up and Draco’s decision to go put music on rather than finish the paragraph it has not. Oh well it’s time to stop putting it off and finish what was meant for an October Sky right this minute!!!!!!! Well to be more accurate the minute that Draco finishes. Draco will of course be finished by the time you read that though so the situation is essentially this. For you the minute will be the past but for Draco it’ll be the future. That’s super interesting. Some would even call it “Magical”

First off it’s press release time!

You have been invited to attend a magical school. Here you can make new friends, learn dozens of spells, face exams in the school dungeons, run for class office, and try to find a date for the May Day Ball.
But be careful! You might end up in detention, be lured into a secret society, be forced to marry your professor, or even be expelled!

Every puzzle has multiple solutions, and the path you choose is up to you. Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

Is that the best press release Draco has read? Well technically it isn’t one. It’s just the description. Draco typed in “Magical Diary Press Release” and got this. It was written in 2011 so you know. Anyway, It’s a Stat Management Visual Novel with some old school Dungeon elements. There are many endings, 5 or 6 characters that are snuggle-up-to-able, and way more spells then you’ll ever need. Oh and it was made by Hanako Games!

Story Characters

To start you create your perfect witchsona. When Draco first played Draco went as Draco but there was a bug which reset all the customization if you tried to change the last name so Draco was stuck with the default. This time around with Mallory that bug has been fixed. Isn’t that impressive? After that you get to the visual novel section and learn that you are about to attend a magical school of magic.Upon arriving you meet colorful characters like


…Professor Grabiner aka Grabby, who is Snape but less of a douche. That’s probably because unless you make choices that intentionally make you worthy of scolding he’ll not have a personal vendetta against you.


… Ellen, a techno-Hermione with less badassness and more sadness! She’s also your roommate.


…Virginia the sports witch. Another roommate. She might be the Ron of this game but you’d never notice because she isn’t your personal butt monkey. She does however share the love of sweets, the pureblooded-ness, and the large family.


…Donald the guy who feels like he needs … He’s basically early Naruto. He’s also Virginia’s brother. Everyone’s mean to him and no one trusts him because he’s only cause trouble but in reality he’s super nice and helpful. He’s stuck in his sibling’s shadow as opposed to being a ninja with a demon in his belly so it’s not 100%. A good bro to brotally bro with. But speaking of demons…


… Damien. He’s a demon. Sure there are probably some demons that aren’t the worst scum of the earth ever, but most of the time, especially this time, definitely the worst. Lucky for both Draco and Mallory the choices we made essentially make him never show up. If you like people who are the worst though well Damien is your don’t please he just sucks. Scumbag. Avoid at all costs. Draco suspects that he never gets inside of Donald’s belly but Draco isn’t a lore expert.


… Big Steve. He’s a fairly rare character, Draco’s first playthrough Draco only heard tell of his status as Big Steve. This time around he was there. The legend is real. He’s not particularly large looking but he is very much Steve looking. In a line-up of 10 people you’d be able to point to him and say that one is Steve for sure.

Image result for magical diary Pastel

…Pastel. She’s a fairyly cool gal. The first time she was just kinda there but Mallory learn a “lot” more about her wink wink. Sadly Mallory rejected her. 😦 Also Draco just included the full sprite from the wiki since you’ve gotta see her with her full wingspan to truely appreciate that she has a wingspan.


…William. Virginia’s older brother who everyone loves. He’s so cool he couldn’t be bothered to show up very much after the first exam. Essentially Percy but cool and friendly.


…  Professor Potsdam. Dumbledore but a lady. Sunshine and rainbows.  Monomi from Danganronpa except with some sense of authority.


Minnie was bae

and many more who either don’ t show up much and don’t have a romance route associated with them. For example Minnie the class president shows up more than Big Steve and Pastel combined but it’s mostly just helping you study and her dealing with her own story.


Fluffy tail boy did not make much impact but atleast he eventually defeated Naraku. Sure Inuyasha didn’t have a tail but there is a resembellance.


Image result for magical diary

In Magical Diary you schedule your week and watch it run. You can choose a class in Blue magic( altering stuff (Like teleportation and painting the ceiling. )), Red Magic( Fireballs and gentle breezes), Green Magic( Healing and smelling stuff really well( really well)), Black Magic( everything from Fullmetal Alchemist and also enchantment), and White Magic( ESP and Ghosties). Depending on your luck you will get 1, 2, or the magical 3 points in the corresponding magic stat.  You could also take Gym to raise your health! Study alone to raise your stress(smarts( mana( magicky power)))! You can sleep ALL DAY! And then on the weekend you can go to the mall or study with Minnie if she bothers to show up. Through these tasks and occasional choices you raise your stats and then get to test your skills in the DUNGEONS!!!!!!!!!


Yes it does! Is that weird? Yes it is!



Each Dungeon has puzzle(s) and you must solve them using your wits or better yet magical spells.


The answer was to make a sink all along.

Apparently some people have done no magic runs but apparently the requires going near Damien and honestly it’s a game about a magic school so learn all the cool spells like “Empathy”, “Sleep”, and “Sticky Feet”.

Other Stuff

Magical Diary is fairly old but there still isn’t anything that offers the same experience and surpasses it. The appearance can be a bit jarring and the title screen is the cheesiest cheese this side of Cheese Town but if you can get past the fact that Draco just wrote the words “Cheese Town” you can get past that. The magic system is both fun and far more in-depth than it even needed to be. Putting the spells on cards gave it a sort of tcg aspect to it. It’s all predetermined though; it’s not like you can go to one class and suddenly you can make yourself invisible and call down meteors. Sometimes you get nothing. generally it’s every 5 points and you can get a maximum of 3 per class. The best part is that when multiple magic colors get to certain points and you’ll get a bonus cross magic spell of amazingness. One super cool sounding combo spell lets you do that thing from Fate/Zero that spawned all those Kentucky Fried Chicken memes while another lets you glue someone’s shoes to the ground.

Such an arcane stratagem

Aside from the magic the story is magical in itself. Some people say it’s just Harry Potter but unlike Harry Potter this author actually writes an American Magic School set in America rather than an English Magic School wearing the skin of an American one. They also cover important and modern issues without flopping out on them in the last 15 pages or so. Harry Potter is great though soz. Oh and there isn’t really an evil antagonistic snake man of evil to stand in your way towards world dominat- learning. It’s all fun learning and some friendship and/or romance unless you talk to Damien too much which you should never ever do. If you see a Damien remember to respond properly.

Anyway Draco was scrolling through the devs twitter after finding out the dev had a twitter and at one point their computer with all the work they had done on the next Magical Diary game on it broke down. Thankfully they were able to save the tiny unfinished scrap . That might mean that in like 5 or 10 years they may release the next one. Draco looks forward to it.