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Draco’s been watching many vlogs lately. The people who make these vlogs also have blogs. We may not even be fully through the first note yet but on a side not this post already has a rhyme so you know it’ll be good. So Draco checked out the vloggers blogs and what Draco discovered was shocking.

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Then after being electrocuted Draco noticed that the blogs and vlogs were exactly the same. The blog was just them reading their blog post. Maybe the blog was just a transcript of what they said in the vlog. Who knows… Does all of that make sense though? Does the voice alone justify the double post? It’s nice to give people options probably. Draco just feels like if you do the same thing you should enhance the experience. Audio book people do voices sometimes. Ultimately it’s fine but it just seemed a bit weird. Maybe if you’re doing both it saves time but you would think that’s just extra work. Like if Draco recorded a vlog of this post it would probably be out even later than usual.


On a similar topic, it always bugged Draco when textbook authors and sometimes other authors would rerelease their  books with a new chapter, and then do the same thing again with another chapter, and another chapter. Essentially just rereleasing the same book they wrote years ago with stuff they didn’t feel was important enough to include the first time. Movies do this too yet Draco never seems to care for some reason. Maybe it’s because it’s generally 5 seconds long but that doesn’t make any sense because that’s an even worse deal. The real answer is probably that Draco has never really been forced to buy a movie.Still if they filmed or wrote something so great they felt the need to make extra copies and have an entire extra release maybe they could have save all that extra money doing it right the first time. That’s probably not a great suggestion since the obvious real point is to just get more money out of people but ya know.


When you think about all that the double posted blogs are completely fine since they weren’t charging anyone anything but if they did charge it would be inexcusable. Draco has only seen one person even try to charge for their posts and they were at least mildly famous and respected (Though the topic of their post was even more pedantic than even some of Draco’s posts) so a combination of charging and reading out blogposts probably won’t ever happen.

Grand virere

So all and all this is how you stretch a weird thing you noticed into over four hundred words. Victory achieved.