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It should be noted Draco wrote this post a week or two ago so this isn’t about the Piers Morgan acting like a sniveling child about Harry Potter thing.  For now we’ll avoid such topics and keep our titles friendly. Plus Draco essentially summed up his opinion on that here so you know…

So the other day someone was all mad that people reference Harry Potter in conversation. That was followed up by a statement that adults aren’t reading adult books anymore. Draco was pretty annoyed. Admittedly Draco was pretty annoyed both before and after reading that but this annoyance is at least blagable.


Does that remind anyone else of those products that are like “This is for men only”. If you need to drink a specific brand of soda or use a special razor to prove you’re a man or you need to read some magical adult books to try and prove you’re an adult you most certainly are not remotely close to either.


First of all an “adult” book is a pornographic one. That’s obviously not the point but if you’re going to whine about how people choose to communicate it’s totally fair for Draco to rip apart your word choice. The odds that such books are popular enough to use as a reference that is expected to be understood by others are fairly low. Even if one such book stood above the rest would people really want to talk about it in a public space? Ya no.

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Anyway a real adult book is a book that an adult reads. If you can’t stand that new books are being referenced more than what you consider a classic well you’re on the same train as people who will defend “whom” to the death. First station is right out the door. People use popular literature to better communicate their ideas using a common understanding. If people are communicating effectively and understanding one another that’s something everyone should be happy about. It’s not as if YA Novels are those cardboard 6 page long picture books with occasional finger puppet integration. Even if a person did reference such a picture book if it helps contextualize an idea or solve a problem it’s a benefit to society.

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There was also something about if you compare the real world to the fictional world you won’t be able to distinguish what’s real which is a fairly common argument for someone whining about people referencing the same thing over and over again. You’d think someone complaining about repetitive comparisons would be more original. Ultimately most people who read fiction won’t just assume they’re a wizard  but plenty of people will dream about ways to solve problems and make our lives a little more magical. It’s also not true that novels that hypothetically fall under the blanket of “books for adults”( Because remember the term Adult Book represents a generally unrealistic genre) are devoid of the supernatural. Books that do not include any fictional elements are known as nonfiction. They make nonfiction books for all ages.

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Oh there was one more point. Draco tried to find the tweet again later but found an article that said essentially the same thing. They made the point that adults should read every book since the creation of books in order as it was supposedly intended. This would be considered a not completely idiotic point if everyone caught vampirism. As vampires are fictional creatures and we can’t catch their affliction the point is very stupid. Every book is not part of some bloated conjoined series and if you see a book it’s probably safe to read it. Also many books are written in dead languages. How are you supposed to make that work? We can’t all be the Pope. Many books are written in a wide variety of languages. Do we have to read re-releases and translations too? Anyway this idea is impractical and ridiculous. Draco doubts the people saying all this nonsense have ever read a book.