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Draco got into XCOM 2’s Long War 2 mod this past week( or two). It’s long but it’s not that long. Draco stalls a lot while playing XCOMs which makes it longer. Draco doesn’t plan on reviewing it because it’s a mod and also Draco is still stalling. Draco will however give his thoughts.

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Draco was kind and explaned the joke in this caption but the tab closed without saving. Clearly the universe didn’t want you to get it. Take that up with your nearest Universal Representative.

They aren’t really long thoughts though; that’s just the title. They are average length thoughts. Let’s go!

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Thought 1: Is it actually a mod? Long War was a mod but is the sequel one?  Like sure it’s a modification but usually when the creator of the game releases new anything it’s called a dlc. Because they’re being paid by the people making the game it’s more like an independent contractor making dlc than a fanwork. Like they could have conceivably charged everyone instead of making it a free mod and no one would really complain because it has more content than the other dlc they released for about $20. If you had a different chef make food at your resteraunt the customer wouldn’t say they got food from some random stranger; they’d say they ate at your resteraunt.  It’s not a big deal but it’s something Draco’s thought about a few times. Draco thought about other situations like this and Draco realized Draco has the opposite opinion in some cases( for example fan art being created by the series creator) so both sides are valid.

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Thought 2: The thing Draco liked most about XCOM 2 aside from the “It’s XCOM” part was that they did away with the “buy individual guns for everyone” thing and that the psionic soldiers had lots of cool abilities. Long War 2 adds lots of things and takes both of those away. Luckily Draco sort of modded them back in. Here have the mods if you want.

Mass Producing Stuff Mod

Psi Partial Fix

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Thought 3: XCOM 2 introduced the faceless. It’s a horrible gooey alien that can assume human form.They’re like a landmine for those trying to help people. Dispicable really. In Long War 2 they get their own little mission called Rendezvous. A Faceless has infiltrated the resistance and you have to go follow them, stop them, yadda yadda. Such scandal and intrigue await you, the first time at least. The 40th time, knowing that there will be the same number of enemies in essentially the same places, watching that 10 second animation of a person wriggling about and being like “Whoa guys check it out I’m not actually a person!”. Ultimately the thing with Long War in general is it isn’t necessarily long; it’s just repetitive.

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Thought 4: The actual dlc missions aren’t starting and it makes Draco a bit sad. Draco finished before those came out and Draco wanted to see what they were. Draco did get the robofriend and the crossbow gun. Give Draco snakes.

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Update: Draco found out how to use the dev console and make it happen but that’s sorta worse than no snakes at all. You shouldn’t have to force snakes. Also it reminded Draco of the cli and Draco hates that sort of thing. It reminds Draco of DOS and DOS is rightfully dead. Ew.


Update: The snake was fun.

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