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Draco has been intently focused on a couple things recently.

One: Draco has been playing Fire Emblem. First Conquest and then Revelations which apparently exists.

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You can really tell there is a version called Revelations, right? It’s not as if they heavily advertised only two of the three versions or anything.

Yep. Definitely advertised all three versions really well. #Option3

Draco will talk more about this later when Draco has finished the apparently super top-secret version.

Two: Centaurs. Why you ask? Well Draco isn’t a magical answer machine. No one can know the impossible information. Anyway, centaur clothes. Centaur chairs. Centaur cars. Centaur beds. Centaur showers. Assuming a fantasy setting is not destroyed by the evil thing and centaurs aren’t wiped out technology will advance with the centaur body in mind. Maybe centaur are cool with bathing in rivers and sleeping in hay with loin cloths and nothing else but no no no they absolutely would not. If Sid Meier’s Civilization has taught us anything it’s that they’ll want to obtain our blue jeans and our pop music. How would they wear these blue jeans? Would they wear two pairs and have an exposed horse midriff? Would they have special horse-sized pants? would their shirts go all the way down and have four arm holes? If they wore a skirt would it cover the horse back? If only the back half of the horse portion needs to be covered would the front half just be out and about? Can you imagine the space suits for the first centaur in space? But what about sitting? Their chairs wouldn’t be able to have backs. They could have a trough like structure with a sort of u shape maybe. They’d never be able to lean back or spin around in spiny chairs. No, NO! They could! If you made a heavily supported spiny chair and made the seat large enough for them to get all four feet on they could perch on the chair. Oh and apparently some people solved the back thing( pictured below).

Centaurs and furniture by GreecemisisBiscuit
Centaurs and furniture by GreecemisisBiscuit on DeviantArt

For a moment there Draco was excited because that seemed like a breakthrough, but then Draco realized that even if someone spent the money to get that sort of thing designed and produced most centaurs wouldn’t be able to access or afford one. The same goes for space. Ideally the centaurs themselves would develop the technology and then it would be a matter of trading between the two species. In the real world not every building has a wheelchair ramp so it’s not like a fantasy world would accommodate centaurs. Imagine the price of centaur friendly homes. Women’s pants tend to be more expensive and the only change there is less pocket space so centaur pants would cost an arm and a leg while simultaneously having no pockets. Centaurs would probably get hired in labor intensive jobs and well… you know but desk jobs and such are unlikely.  Welp, Draco’s sad now. Like, maybe this world would have magic so they’d have less trouble constructing centaur friendly buildings but odds are they’d treat them horribly. Yep. Draco’s learned enough about history to know what would happen to the centaurs.

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Well that’s a shame. Draco’s fantastically friendly fantasy world has been tainted by retrospective thought.


But then again Draco is basing these sad thoughts on a world that didn’t have centaurs. Maybe mutual cooperation would lead to drastic changes in architecture. It’s not right to think of it as a human world adapting to centaurs. This would be a world that has centaurs at least partially in mind. There is a good chance that humans will argue with and murder them( Like 90% of fantasy novels include elven genocide)  but there is also a chance everyone will work together! Draco hopes everyone can get along. Plus since it’s Draco imagining this hypothetical centaur world that basically makes Draco their god so Draco can just force them to get along probably.  Either way it’ll end happily whether everyone likes it or not.

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But this is stuff is all a genre , right? We need more books about this! Go write a book about this stuff. Not the sort where it’s like secret magic; Draco demands something like the first cyclops Prime Minister! Do it right now. Even if it’s just a brief novella about the brave harpy pilots during World War VI.