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The other day someone said to Draco, “what is an archetype?”

That’s not important though. That’s just the intro. So Draco went to go get a list of archetypes. Draco picked out two lists. After writing this paragraph Draco found a third more sensical list from tvtropes but Draco added this into the middle of said paragraph so the following portion won’t acknowledge that at all.  Next Draco absorbed the descriptions of these archetypes through an ancient technique called reading. Theeeeeeeen Draco came up with an idea. Using the power of numbers and generators of such Draco picked two numbers at random. The first number was



But then Draco had to go obtain the second number. What do you think it’s going to be? It’s a number greater than 1 and less than 60. The answer is


So after obtaining the numbers Draco went to that corresponding archetype and jotted it down in notepad. Theeeeeeeeeeeen Draco designed a character with aspects of these archetypes.

So our archetypes are:

Shana Clone

A petite young lady from a background where “petite young lady” is something a person would actually say. So she’s rich or at the very least has a general air of upper class. She generally treats others according to their perceived class( i.e. extremely polite to the king, extremely dismissive of the peasant) and is prone to violent outbursts. So she’s the type of tsundere that thinks it’s ok to assault people any time she’s mad but she has an actual reason to think she’s important(status). Not a good reason but you know. She also has long hair and at least some bangs.  Oh and stockings. That is important for some reason.


Rebel/ Revolutionary

The Rebel/ Revolutionary rebels/ revolts.

I rebel

They are driven to fight something. That sounds vague but the rebel could be rebelling against a postal worker. “They think they’re so important. Well now I’ve set up online money paying or whatever. If only I weren’t also rebelling against technology. I’d know what it’s called. Enemy of my enemy but they’re all still my enemy!”. More than likely they are trying to overthrow an oppressive organization who commits crimes against humanity( or whatever. Centaurmanity?). They probably do their fighting with weapons but they could fight with song and/or dance. Generally they have a cause but sometimes they don’t. Their tends to be a direct relationship between the oppressor and the rebel. The rebel doesn’t just decide to be a rebel because “Justice”. Usually it’s stuff like “You guys killed almost everyone in my town” or “you shot my dog and me and left us for dead.” and now the rebel and their cyborg dog are going to rouse the local malcontents and help them burn your house down you monster. They probably don’t have anything more than a logo as opposed to some sort of military uniform. They may have some sort of ancient relic which symbolizes like “freedom”, “the one true king”, etc. Scars are likely. They probably wear a headband and desaturated blue or green is probably part of their color-scheme.

Here is Draco’s character.


As you can see, she has her arms crossed and wears a face of disapproval. Her clothes are okay but it’s not a full on princess motif. The stockings are obscured by the coat but they exist. One thing she has rebelled against is pants. Her hair is fairly straight but it’s not as if her lady in waiting brushes each strand 10000 times. Draco tried several variations without the bangs like that but full bangs work the best. The ombre is just cute and also it’s pretty common for there to be rebels with their hair dyed so it works. You may have noticed a big scar on her face but do not worry it’s part of her backstory and doesn’t hurt at all. There were going to be more scars but simple is usually best. Her face is fairly angular while essentially everything else is a square.  There are some circular aspects but you get that she’s fairly uptight. As for that backstory,

There once was a glorious empire, The Sildurenth Empire, it never oppressed anyone and had absolutely no problems. It was the age of King Rotel the Easily Deposed. There was not one living soul who hated King Rotel. Unfortunately for King Rotel, Deathmaster Cy, Vverseer of the  Unending Nation of Paxaac, was not a living soul. Using the arcane power of pointing out obscure laws everyone forgot about Deathmaster Cy forced King Rotel into stepping down. So began the reign of Deathmaster Cy the Creepy Dead King Who Has a Kinda Cute Sister. It was an age of darkness. Arguably because of clouds but mostly because of tyranny. King Rotel, long after having children, died of food eating. His eldest son Bereut The Mostly Ignored, used his strategic genius and overwhelming charisma to assemble an army to take back the kingdom. Righteously he marched through hordes of undead and freed the entire southern region. Deathmaster Cy the Creepy Dead King Who Has a Kinda Cute Sister claimed it was fine since it’s not like any of his soldiers died and that it’s hard to find anyone who wanted to maintain the supply lines to that region anyway so why not just ignore it but clearly it was fear of Bereut The Mostly Ignored’s might sword! Later he died of gout. Now all that stands in the way of darkness is Bereut The Mostly Ignored’s daughter, Marya the Yet To Be Titled. She shall wield her years of intense training and her families sword to vanquish all who stand in her way as the one true Queen! She has already recovered the royal circlet of arcane might and made strong alliances with nations to the west and to the east. Soon the dead shall be returned to their accursed island. Glory to Sildurenth!

So Ya Marya is under a lot of pressure to live up to her ancestors and also not secretly be a complete and total failure like her father and grandfather before her. Not only was she completely sheltered from the “war” with her father because the enemy is scary/ icky but she also wasn’t taught how to run a successful revolution and was only minimally taught how to run an ineffective one. Sure she can tell you all about the logistics and list the middle names of every lord and lady of the land but her sword was made for swinging and no one bothered to show her how to do more than holding it. Well it was actually made to hang on a mantle but you know… Her royal circlet was sent to her by Cy on the day of her father’s death but since it’s fairly important it literally hangs on her head as a constant reminder of her grief, her shame, her enemy, and her responsibility. As such she can be a bit angry and she never really learned how to handle her emotions spending all day with her narcissistic father. The scar on her face was originally something she painted on herself in one frustration one day and now she has to keep putting it on to avoiding convincing everyone she’s a fake. Of course that’s impossible because everyone could tell the first time she did it and no amount of makeup can erase their memories but they all pretend just as they pretended their great king didn’t die trying to swallow a chicken.

Anyway here, here, and here are the lists. Draco would like to do more of these. If you’d like to try, here are Draco’s latest roles. If Draco has the time to do this again, these will probably be the numbers used. Not even Draco knows the resulting archetype combination yet.

1st: 4!

2nd: 40!

3rd: 37!

Since there are three now instead of two feel free to drop one if you don’t like it.

Notice: Draco started writing this and noticed almost every* word was being autocorrected horrendously. Take that as you will. Entire sentences could have been altered under Draco’s nose.