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So if you remember Draco had some numbers in the last posts and they correlated with another character that Draco said he’d make. Draco did that. It took a while. Mainly because Draco is doing Mermay still. It would have been easy to just put a tail on the character buuuuuuuuut Draco did not. Draco didn’t have a good reason for it. Draco just went with the flow and admittedly the first few versions were really bad but the final one was just like a lightning bolt of exactly correctness. You can’t fight a lightning bolt well. Anyway Draco shall now proceed to use too much page space to remind you what the numbers were.




So our archetypes are:

Beady-Eyed Loser


This is arguably not an archetype in and of itself. This is a tool to say this character is not stunningly beautiful in a world where all faces are kinda samey. It’s slightly similar to scientists who have spiral glasses or sometimes eyes to denote that they are loopy. At minimum they have small eyes and some trait that makes them different from the average person. They are either a background character or they get portrayed in a more positive light because harping on how ugly a character in the main cast is would make the creator seem like a pointless bully.


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The list probably meant Good Samaritan based on the description of “does good deeds wherever he goes” and we shall go with that. It should be noted that Good Samaritans can be anyone; not just exclusively guys. Also Bad Samaritans exist as well. The Good Samaritan just can’t help helping. If you need a shirt on your back and they don’t have a shirt either they will peel the skin off their back and make it into a shirt for you. If you tell them you don’t want to wear their creepy skin shirt they’ll go out and sell their kidney so they can buy you a shirt. If you find the shirt doesn’t suit your sense of fashion they’ll sell the other kidney. They are just really good people. This usually comes at expense to themselves though not always. They tend to receive nothing but hardship and friendship for their deeds. If they end up becoming villains they still retain their need to help others which can be weird. They are the type to act honorable even though they have bad intentions. Say they are in a fight with the hero and the hero trips on a convenient vine. The Good Samaritan villain will help the hero up and may even offer a couch and some ice so they can rest their leg. The Good Samaritan is genuinely good even when they’re bad.


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The herald kicks off the story. The herald could be a person or a piece of paper in a trash can. Anything can be the herald. It could be as simple as a person showing up and saying “do this thing”. Maybe the Herald burns down your village. Maybe the Herald is a disease and the cure is only found in some faraway place. The Herald is the call to action sometimes personified. When personified and not evil they tend to have some sort of wisdom though not necessarily because as previously stated a signpost can do their job excellently.

Here’s Draco’s character.


She is mostly triangles and circles which says she is probably friendly and dynamic. Her pose is full to the brim with sass and confidence so that assumption would be right. Just look at that big toothy grin and exposed shoulder. Her clothing doesn’t fit the architecture of the sub-par background buildings and her hair is a metaphorical birds nest but she doesn’t seem bothered by it. She is truly an avatar of confidence.  She also isn’t bothered by an actual animal nesting in her hair. There must be a lot of kindness behind those tiny, slightly bloodshot and baggy eyes. But considering her larger than normal smile and tiny tired eyes she has probably seen some things that have negatively affected her mental state. We’ll know for sure once we get into her backstory.

It supposedly helps a person fall asleep to review the days events. Serafine Dowrvix can’t be sure if that would help her because every time she’d to fall asleep she has been bombarded by snippets of the future. From her first time closing her eyes as an infant all the way every day into adulthood her minds been filled with series after series of events which had not yet happened. Mostly mundane events like walking your cat or drinking muffin batter. Sometimes it would be people who needed help. Sometimes it was a tree. It was mostly confusing but Serafine grew up with it and it didn’t really keep her up or anything. That is until one night when for the briefest of moments the snippets were darker. They were sights that would make a mortician charge extra. Serafine was distraught at first. a moment didn’t provide enough information to help all these poor people. But Serafine wasn’t the type to give up. If she didn’t know enough to make us of her gift she’d just have to learn! So began a journey to see as many sights and help as many people as possible.If she couldn’t yet make the future better she might as well improve the present. Off the beaten path she discovered the site of one of her gruesome murder visions. After some successful detective work and unyielding enthusiasm she determined the murder had not occurred yet. Through patience and the ability to stand in place Serafine confronted and then chased off the murderer moments before the event would occur. The victim, a small greatbear named Lanstrom Garsideon, was predictably thankful. The two proceeded towards Lanstrom’s summer cottage so that he could properly compensate his rescuer. ALAS! the cottage was covered in murderers! it seems the first thug was hired by Lanstrom’s Uncle Gidyawnt, and Gidyawnt really wanted the family fortune. An arrangement was struck on the fly; Serafine would provide a place of residence and Lanstrom would spend as much of his money as possible before being murdered( Some of which would go to helping Serafine on her journey( It would mostly go to one of Lanstroms many vices)). Now rich, Serafine loaded Lanstrom into a nest she’d fashioned from her hair and snuck off towards adventure!

Bet you’d have never guessed Serafine is a name that people have. Draco has never met one. Turns out it does exist. It’s also not really possible to be the herald of your own backstory so Draco just assumes that this is her story but she could appear in other stories as a herald. She’d be like a blithesome Gandalf. Gandalf isn’t the herald of his backstory but he certainly is in the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. Draco isn’t sure when the seeing the future idea happened but it makes a plausible explanation for having such tiny pupils. People burdened with visions of the future like this are usually mad but Draco figured since people tend to learn to live with things that she’d be relatively fine. The idea for an animal in her hair came pretty early but considering she is a Good Samaritan who feels such a compulsion to help others the idea for a rich and self-centered animal popped up. Draco imagines the that she changes the type of hat she wears ever so often, so she’ll know about when something will happen if she sees herself. The kimono was because of a mermay outfit but it works. The pattern could serve the same purpose as the funny hats even though the entire premise is slightly flawed. She doesn’t sleep well. Draco probably would have made an old greek tale seer but the Good Samaritan bit made her significantly more chipper and in the design process she just ended up really confidant. It’s probably not the best fit but her positivity just seems more compelling than some crone spitting out typewritten monkey scratch fortunes. Draco would root for her. Since she has that blithersome Gandalf thing going on she could conceivably Herald many stories as a cameo gueststar. When Draco does more of these maybe Serafine will be the herald for those stories.  Hopefully the next character has star power instead of support power.

Now to draw 3 new numbers! Remember you can find the lists here, here, here.

1st: 17!

2nd: 44!

3rd: 6!

Since there are three now instead of two feel free to drop one if you don’t like it. Draco’s really excited to find out the amazing combination these numbers can make!