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Draco’s horoscope said this will be a bad time for inspiration but if Draco can work through it that’ll be golden. They did not use those exact words but that’s essentially the gist. They used significantly more words to say the above repeatedly. That’s exactly what all of Draco’s English teachers said not to do. Draco is shocked how utterly uninspired he feels. Before this Draco was writing a review of a game but Draco was just not into it. Those probably need to be written in one sitting to just get the thoughts out but still Draco should feel better about it. EVEN THIS. Draco is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tempted to just delete this entire paragraph. Before this Draco did a sketch and only did the skeleton. You know what sort of character has a skeleton? Most of them. It usually isn’t the distinguishing feature.

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Draco got some of these tiny Gundam model kits. FYI Draco has resorted to talking about stuff on his desk. Oh and not the cute chibi SD ones but just tiny regular ones. Draco would tell you the scale but Draco couldn’t read the box at all. They are pretty cheap and semi-blindbox-y. Draco likes them for some reason. Draco doesn’t like the “putting them together” part. Draco doesn’t like how they did 10% paint( 80% the natural plastic color) 10% stickers. You need to go either all or nothing when it comes to stickers. They cute though.


Draco has some photos to post but Draco wants to edit them and when Draco goes to do that Draco does the draw draw instead. That’s probably a run on sentence but Draco doesn’t know where you’d break that without making it sound bad. Also that whole, want to delete the post thing is still going on. It’s like a pressure on Draco’s head that says no. The no pressure. Draco is going to go read! See you in exactly one line of space because the passage of time will be differently conveyed to you. Actually Draco adds pictures after writing so it’ll be a gif of a clock.

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Draco did the reading and the sleeping. Draco isn’t feeling totally uninspired anymore BUT that’s a problem. That was the central premise of this post. Draco does have literal head pressure but Draco’s already done a post on that. Anyway this post is kinda in a paradoxical space. Draco’d explain how but, you know, head pain. And now it’s been another day. It’s consistently getting worse and yet somehow better.