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What a great title. Wow.

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Draco looked at the last post and now the iframe is working… When did that happen? iframes are the worst.

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It really says alot about iframes that all Draco had to type in to find this picture was “iframes”

Well there are obviously worse things but iframes are bad. They never work until you make “iframes not working” a topic in your blagpost. Then they decide to be broken till you post and have checked to make sure they’re broken. Sneaky little frames.

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Draco got that switch. A store that doesn’t misuse displays to trick people had 3 of them. Of course Draco also Splatoon 2’d. Draco liked the first one primarily because of the brilliant mascot use and nothing else. This time around Draco’s favorite of the two, Marie, got to be the main.  Draco usually hates platforming but mascots can make anything better. Draco wants to eventually draw Callie’s super cool spoliery outfit and Dio pose but Draco’s been out of commission for essentially all of July and the first part of August. Luckily the Switch can be used anywhere! The battery is definitely terrible though. If you use the charging cable while lying down the cord ends up pressed into you because they put the port( is port the right word?) on the bottom. It only really gets bad after a few hours but that’s kinda the point of extending the battery life so it’s definitely a flaw. The Wii U did it better. Overall the Wii U is just better but the Switch does have good points and no one is going to make anything for the Wii U so it’s necessary. Still, Draco has probably used his Wii U every day Draco possibly could since buying it and will continue to do so into the future. Can’t say the same for the Switch. Well unless they have a really good update or something. Splatfests will be fun. Plus that new Fire Emblem mixed with Dynasty Warriors.



Draco also picked up Pyre and finished that. Draco got a lot done while a feeling bad. Draco also read a few books but those were bad mainly from a character stance. The writing was fine; just a bad main. Everybody else was fine. Anyway Pyre is basically a book too and it’s a great one. Visual Novels are novels! They have novel in the name. What a novel concept. Draco will probably end up copying and pasting the writing Draco’s done so far into that format. Maybe not though. It depends. But Pyre is a lovely novel with a sporty element to it. There is an inherit spoilery problem but the problem does in a way add to your personal story so oh well. Essentially you have to choose people to liberate throughout the story and once you’ve liberated them they go away. The first person you pick will  be at a major disadvantage character developement wise. Regardless Draco probably got the best ending because Draco is the best fictional decision maker everer. The ending song, like all Supergiant Games, was great and apparently it changes based on what you do. Everything was beautiful as always and the characters were all very well done.  There were also a surprising number of choices. Usually you’ll get 4 at most but sometimes they had 8 or more of a strong variety.  Yep, Pyre’s great. That’s all. Here’s the launch trailer if you want it.