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Alright. Draco’s been having trouble writing as Draco’s continued to have headaches. It seems every year Draco has a month-long head but this year Draco has had it going on 3 months(let’s hope September pans out). Luckily Draco has hardly anything to write about so it’s fine. Even this post which you can see is clearly posted took almost two weeks to write. Anyway Draco just ended up writing about a bunch of anime he watched.

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Draco apparently hates himself really bad. Draco tried watching Danganronpa the Animation( based on Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc. The story follows Makoto Naegi who despite being the equivalent of a piece of toast is selected to go to a school of the most talented elites as the Super Duper Ultimate Luckiest Luckmaster extraordinaire. But it doesn’t stop there; He and his class of Super Duper Ultimate Other Peoples find themselves imprisoned within the blink of an eye. The lovely & hateful Monokuma, a bear of 50% pure malice and 50% impure malice, appears and informs them the only way one can escape is by murdering someone to death till they die without getting caught by any of their wily classmates. ) again. Draco skipped a few episodes because jeez but still it’s better than the previous two attempts where Draco quit during the first episode. Those times Draco watched the dub. Some of those voice actors are pretty prevalent too and hearing them those times just permanently ruined their voices for Draco. The sub version worked better because Draco couldn’t understand the subtle nuances and inflections enough to hate it. Everything else was still bad though. It’s a whodunit that rushes through the investigations. Bits where they show the interface from the game are just a waste of time. They could have had more character development if Naegi didn’t need to generate the visualization of evidence as bullets in his mind, select the correct bullet, and fire said bullet. Pointing would have been enough. One nice thing they did was to allow the other characters to actually speak for themselves. The “tell them Naegi” makes sense in the game because it would be weird if everyone but you solved the mysteries themselves but if that had been in the show well… it would have been about just as bad. It’s like getting a 1 on a test with 100 points as opposed to 0. Sure it’s better but you still failed. They could have done all stick figures one episode and still received the same score. The only real positives are seeing the characters animated(Draco has used gifs from it a few times) and what can only be described as the “Sexy Monokuma Dance” in the OP.

That makes it all worth it. Oh plus since one of the main themes of the series is despair having a show that disappoints everyone is totally on brand.

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Seriously, the games are great. Novels are supposed to be good too. Check’em out.

Since Draco  already had Crunchyroll at hand Draco figured “Eh, let’s watch some other things”. So Draco started and finished Konosuba( The story of the Arch Wizard Megumin on a quest to make things explode often. Also there are some other people.One of them was like resurrected, another is a goddess, and there’s also a tall blonde lady without many good or notable qualities. they want to like defeat like a demon or something. Who knows?). ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Was shouting necessary? No but the show is so good is deserves to get one sentence of shouting. Splendid. The characters are all really good in the well done sense. They all get chances to shine and so you actually get to know them.  Most of them act sort of scummy half the time but the show never tries to make it seem like any of them are paragons of goodness. They also do a good job giving each character their own bit of focus so you actually have a reason to care. Oh and the character relationships are believable instead of a seemingly forced mess like some other show because they actually take the time. Anyway Draco wasn’t planning on doing a review. Draco just highly recommends the adventures of Megumin and the other people who are there.

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Draco took so long writing that paragraph that Draco finished Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid( The story of Miss Kobayashi who got drunk one day and stumbled upon an injured dragon whom she saved and then demanded become her maid which of course makes complete sense. Then some other dragons show up because wouldn’t you be concerned if one of your friends suddenly disappeared to go be someone’s maid). It has dragons. Very cute show.  It has dragons. The character relationships made Draco go “Aww” while Draco’s heart was melted.  It has dragons. Well except for Lucoa’s and Shouta’s. Lucoa is some sort of ex-god dragon who first lead the founding of civilization and Shouta is like 8 at best. Luckily as they are side characters they don’t really take u too much plot space. Oh and remember kids, if someone tells you not to touch them do not touch them. If someone draws away from you in terror do not approach them. That’s a rule regardless of age but age differences make it feel like it’s worse. Actually this is what Draco was talking about before.  In Konosuba this would be treated as the terrible act that it is but in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid it’s “funny”. It’s a shame too because everything else is cute and fine. Thinking of the other characters gives Draco the feeling of a fond memory. And it has dragons, so that’s cool.