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It has been awhile since Draco wrote a post. Well that’s not true, Draco keeps writing one and then not posting it. That’s an important part of the creative process. Draco was once taught an acronym to remind Draco of that. Draco doesn’t remember the acronym but Draco does remember x = opposite b plus or minus square root of b squared minus 4 a c all over 2 a because Draco had to sing that one. That’s not how you write it that’s how you sing it. Look it up.

Draco got something in the mail the other day!  Draco ordered it like 6 or 7 months ago. Maybe 8?


Yes it’s the cavalry. They here.


Tracer Nendoroid. Pretty cute.DSCF6806.JPG

This is Draco’s first Nendoroid and it’s pretty well made. Draco was afraid removing some parts as they might break(specifically the legs oh and the forearms too) but that didn’t happen. The little guns stay on surprisingly well too.


The balance is pretty bad but obviously it would be and they did include a stand so it’s not a valid complaint. Stand as in an object to hold something up rather than the JoJo’s variety btw. The stand, however, while equipped with the attachment to give her a trail affect, is both not up to the task of a normal standing pose and also unwieldy in general.

Anyway, Nendoroids are pretty cool. Pretty cool. Yeeeeeee…


Draco started watching Love Live. Draco’s been watching more since realizing there was a Crunchyroll App on the Wii U. So the first episode you won’t believe this, the main protag just jump down the stairs. These aren’t even like 2 or 3 step stairs. If you took these stairs and placed them next to a two-story building you could definitely make it to the roof. So she just leaps straight down these stairs and then it cuts to the actual plot. So main protag Honoka is pretty bummed to find out her school is closing due to the schools low popularity and even lower enrollment numbers. Along with that she keeps seeing signs that talk about how popular school idol groups are. She wants to do something but what could she and her friends Kotori and Umi do? Sure is a toughie. Don’t worry, they figure it out early episode 2. Before that however we return where it all began. The stairs. She leaps to her untimely death but then she changes trajectory in mid-air and locks on the rails to slide “safely” down. Clearly she’s magnetic. An ordinary human can’t lock on to rails like that. Tony Hawk sure but not just anyone. So the show goes on with the trio becoming idols, making lots of friends, and maybe even saving their school. Oh and then there’s the super-duper ultimate competition known as the Love Live. Maybe they win that, maybe they don’t. Draco will leave you and your ability to read the name of the show to figuring out what happens. Watch it if you want. But none of that is the point. To be honest not even the following sentences will be the point. We’re probably half way to the point at this point. Let’s go. Draco follows this artist on Twitter because they drew some fanart of the wonderful Lord Junko Enoshima, blessed be her name from Danganronpa, one of Draco’s favorite characters. They seem to love two series above all else, Danganronpa and Love Live. They retweeted a series of tweets featuring the nine main voice actors for Love live along with an If you’re a fan of this VA then you have these personality traits” caption. It’s not that unusual. Draco didn’t recognize any of them because their voice actors for an anime Draco only just started watching. The only voice actors Draco tends to recognize are Critical Role people and some Rooster Teeth people. Draco did however suspect one person, the one they refered to as Soramaru, was a specific character, Nico Yazawa, aka the best character. Draco decided to look it up and surprisingly there was no person with that name as their actual name on the cast at all. Google didn’t even have any suggestions for who it might be. Now it does because they are big dumb jerks and also sometimes desktop and mobile search results are different but when Draco looked it did not have a clue. Draco was confused as to why the twitter person would get a name wrong when they’re obviously big fans. So Draco was in full research mode( Draco searched for Nico Yazawa and obviously they had the voice actors name in one of the wiki articles) and discovered that it wasn’t actually that complicated. Apparently it’s their nickname. Their full name is actually Sora Tokui and they definitely voice Nico so Draco was right.


On reflection they were most likely dressed specifically as their character and they don’t just look like them all day every day but hindsight is 20/20 and Draco was right so that’s all that matters. Plus out of all of them Sora and Nico look the most similar. Probably because of the hair color. Draco was very pleased to have solved this mystery and decided to continue reading their wiki page. Now to the point. Apparently they don’t like going down flights of stairs. Draco was happy to hear of another person who isn’t the biggest fan of them and prefers to take it slow. It’s always nice when find something about someone that’s relatable. Draco would also prefer to take stairs slowly for reasons unknown. Whenever Draco goes down stairs Draco likes to let everyone else go first so Draco doesn’t hold everyone up. It’s not like Draco goes slowly but from a video Draco watched we go about the same speed. That’s not even the best part though. Remember at the beginning Draco was sitting on the edge of his seat during a show about friendship and music because of stairs? Yeah we came full circle. Draco thought to himself “Draco needs to blog about that!” and so Draco did. Is there a moral to this? “Did you write a 600 word paragraph to essentially say you and several other people would rather not break their necks on stairs?” you’re probably asking. Well, hypothetical Straw Man of Mystery, no one invited you, Draco being excited about a topic is more important than any of your selfish desires to glean insight, and maybe, just maybe, one day, while you waddle about, you’ll think about this post before going down the stairs, and on that day Draco will have saved your life. You’re welcome.

Image result for falling down stairs

Draco was going to post a picture of someone falling down stairs but we need to talk. What is this? What step could this possible be? That guy looks like he’s trying to convince her to fall down, not anything helpful.  He looks like the slightly rich guy on dramas who doesn’t get his way so he decided to be irrationally cruel to someone but then he still doesn’t get his way. Eventually he’ll probably learn what a jerk he is and then go meditate on a boat that will inevitably be washed onto some deserted island where he’ll lead a lord of the flies style “society” with a cannibalism cult twist( was there cannibalism in lotf? Draco doesn’t remember.). Or maybe he’ll just try to kill her and then Brad will shoot him temporarily dead until the brain transplant.

Draco’s brain autocorrected nearly every instance of the word stair into stare and Draco had to go back and fix each one because WordPress doesn’t have a find and replace function that Draco can see at this moment. Then there’s the thing where they make Nico into Nice. Ugh.

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