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Draco could not find his blag. Google changed the icon in the bookmarks bar from the usual WordPress one to Twitter for some reason. Draco certainly didn’t ask for that.

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Draco has been watching a lot of this one series by a channel called “Shadiversity”.  This may be a pretty well-known channel but Draco searched the socials and found almost nothing on it. Basically the videos of interest are about examine fantasy races like centaurs and determine what medieval weapons would be best for them.  It’s all opinions obviously and in some of the videos they don’t really go into resources, intelligence, terrain, but that sort of thing does get mentioned occasionally. They just did a video on fairies and they immediately discounted poison which is fine but then couldn’t see a use for ranged weaponry. If you combine the two it may make up for the lack of power AND the use for range weaponry is to keep the giant murder creature away from your tiny fae organs. Sure they can maneuver like nobodies business but it’s always better to have the thing trying to kill you die without having to get into their murder range. They also had this sort of thing with mermaids. They proposed a fight between mermaids and some people in a boat. Obviously mermaids will have the advantage in water but they proposed using hooks to pull in people for cruel irony. Why not sink the ship instead? Just anchor the ship and you have all the time in the world with little to no accuracy required. Their videos on Centaurs and Lamia( Snake people( Also called Naga half the time but you know)) are pretty good. Here is the playlist for you though some of them don’t fit the same theme like the one about fighting dragons when it really should have been best weapons for a dragon.


So while Draco worked on his fourth attempt of that novel( Draco ‘s goal was 20,000 words rather than 50 but Draco ended up with 40 if you count everything including this post.) from last year Draco also did Nekovember. Also by Fourth Draco is counting the second one where Draco only did a page and the third which was only a chapter. Anyway on Nekovember you’re supposed to draw Cat People( Most people tend to do Cat Girls exclusively but Draco did end up with some Cat Guys) and since Draco’s world that he has been world building has Cat People it seemed like a great opportunity to flesh out that area. The part Draco is most excited about is the idea of cats with nine lives. Basically Draco decided that Cat people become vampires like all the time. Draco shall explain later when we get to an example of one.


Here we have one of Draco’s favorites. SOMEHOW they got left out and Draco had to go back and add them. Draco was about to post too. The pose Draco found on a picture of a Barbie doll while Draco was looking for real farmers but since that was a doll Draco had to change it slightly. The outfit Draco likes but plaid is annoying to draw. If Draco had to draw them all the time there would be so much pain. Anyway, they are a farmer. Chickens exist in the world Draco’s building; it’s official. Do Chicken People exist is the question you should be asking. Actually that would probably be a type of harpy and Draco already said those exist. Farming isn’t as intensive as it is in real life because magic but it’s not just sitting around waiting for crops to harvest themselves either.


So this Cat Girl is an assassin. CynarqolastalidaBgork is a nation ruled by 9 judges who rule through absolute decree. This Cat Girl would be like a bounty-hunter. You’d just be walking down the street, unaware a judge wants you dead, and then this girl runs by and blam you’re dead. Draco has come around to the idea of magic guns but Draco feels crossbows would be more readily available and could be augmented with magic so really what’s the point?




Here we have a rock & roll Cat Girl. They are fully aware cats are a thing and apparently they’ve embraced that. Draco always laughs about the concept of rock & roll in a society like this and they’re all ” Fight the man!” at first but then they’re like ” The man is pretty cool and fighting the man is bad!” which is tragic. You’ll notice that both of the above wear boots and that’s actually a religious thing. There are essentially three main deities who have dominion over this region and they all influence the fashion a bit like celebrities. This is felt less so in other regions but in CynarqolastalidaBgork these three deities just walk around so they impact the culture more. Additionally they wear collars and don’t have their tails out because of the vampire stuff but we’ll explain later. Having one’s tail out is considered indecent and uncouth while the collar symbolizes an intent not to murder everyone around you.  The rest of the outfits may have minor significance but it’s mostly just convenience and environmental factors.



Draco wanted prosthetic limbs to be pretty advanced. Basically in Draco’s world’s lore, there was originally a super advanced Cyberpunk world, but the world ended and kinda like Horizon Zero Dawn people are working their way back up. They went for more of a caveman thing and Draco went medieval fantasy. So many of the civilizations are working with super high-tech technology which they can’t really figure out but oh well. As you can see the collar has a different symbol, which Draco decided symbolizes wealth. This allowed this Cat Girl to get these cool arm replacements as opposed to just having magic fix it.



Draco wanted to draw a lawyer since the land is ruled by judges but ended up with an angry teen Cat Girl instead. Maybe she is training to be a lawyer or a judge maybe.


Draco tends to draw girls most of the time, both for convenience and preference. This guy ended up sneaking in though because Draco can’t draw lawyers. It is apparently impossible. He is suck a smug Cat Guy.



These two appear in Draco’s novel pretty early on. B Retca and N Wroht are their names and they’re miners on the search for powerful ancient relics. Draco forgot the naming conventions so it’s a good thing Draco checked. The reason for that is most likely just reject the first name last name conventions which were probably suggested by the other gods, goddess, or overseers not from their region whom they hate. Some take last names if it makes their name cooler while others don’t. Even CynarqolastalidaBgork is named as such because it annoys the gods. Draco enjoys how CynarqolastalidaBgork strives to antagonize the gods the most yet they also follow them dogmatically. Well maybe aside from the Brairlot people who think they’ve been enlisted in a secret holy war but the thing about them is they’ll throw anything aside for war so their entire idea of worshiping is different. It’s hard to judge. Faeries are also pretty big on religion but they have a more casual friend relationship.



This is a Cat Child. At this point in their development they can’t really do anything with the tails. Draco is just happy Apples exist. Draco likes apples.




This is a store. Draco had an idea what everything was when he drew them but now it’s questionable at best. Draco is still using the triangle money. Draco imagines this triangle money is like the standard money that any other money would be judged by.


The Cat Girl in the middle is one of the Nine Judges of CynarqolastalidaBgork. Draco figured at least one of the judges should be a Cat Person. The outfit is inspired by a dress Draco saw from apparently a Miss Universe pageant but Draco added the shoulder pads and did everything else off-hand.  One of the guards Draco did in pen and then Draco just flipped them and changed their face and ears a bit. Draco assumes this would be a pretty standard guard uniform here and the hair is a wig.




This Cat Girl inspired the idea of a resistance faction. Basically she’s just a sukeban character. She wears neither collar nor boots and her tail is wild and free. Don’t you just get the feeling she’ll jump out of the screen and steal your lunch money?


Draco started running out of ideas half way through and went to a generator. The result Draco got was a leggy Cat Girl wearing furs. So Draco immediately though of a lion so Draco went with that. Fur collars always looked a little bit like manes to Draco. This would probably be real fur as this is a fantasy setting but if they bought it in certain areas it might be magically harvested fur which leaves the animal alive and the fur grows back quickly. It’s just remotely traumatizing.



This Cat Girl is a fan of both goddesses equally so they’ve incorporated elements from both into their outfit. The hat, boot, and flower are from Justynia and the neck piece, robe, and shoe are from Anatice. Draco likes when they’re both supported since they’re twins and one being more popular than the other would be kinda sad. Draco would feel bad.



This Cat Girl is like that poster where it says hang in there. Another fan of Anatice not that that helps the predicament. 



Based on the outfit Draco would say they live on or near the border and they’d probably like to leave for the much cooler magical land next door but the collar symbolizes that they’re rich and they probably have duties of some sort to attend to. It’s that or maybe that they get to watch the armies move through and then get slaughtered by the enemy defenses. They could be sad for any number of reasons. It could be that they haven’t figured out how to control their tail yet and it just sticks up like that. Who knows.



It was at this point Draco realized a Cat Person could go collarless but hide the fact under a scarf or a cloak. What are you going to do, begrudge them of wearing weather appropriate clothing? Just now Draco realized hiding the ears and tail would have made just as much sense but hindsight and all that.



A Strong Warrior has arisen.  Draco wanted to think about what the soldiers would wear. This ended up being far too impractical for the average soldier. Then Draco was thinking about it and most of CynarqolastalidaBgork’s army along with most armies would likely be things like Golems. Having a heavy plated commander then makes sense in that situation. The area most vulnerable would be their legs but a leg injury in a world with magic that’s like a leg sprain and they could just order the Golems to carry them away.



The idea here was blacksmith. CynarqolastalidaBgork isn’t known for their blacksmiths but they are known for a material with tiny glass fibers added to it that is essentially a fabric stronger than metals. This material is used in a variety of areas but mostly it’s used in a more protective than normal underwear that covers most of the torso and all the joints. Some people choose not to cover their entire torso as part of their practice of annoying the gods with their terrible decisions.



Steampunk. They literally chose a worse arm just to go with their aesthetic. According to Draco’s magic system this would make their spells stronger but really they could have got a hand with fingers.



Throwing sticks are used in celebratory holidays. You throw them and they hit each other and it makes a clattering noise. The best thrown sticks can be made into wands.



This Cat Person favors Bristian for some reason. Those who devote themselves to Bristian fully and cut off their arms are blessed with fire arms. This is obviously fairly stupid but Bristian is an idiot full of hot air who wants pomp and circumstance. 



Detective Cat Girl! A Cat’s curiosity catches the killer!



Here we have a Cleric essentially. Their main goddess if Anatice. Picking Anatice is considerably more expensive than picking her sister. Still cheaper than both your arms.



Draco wanted to base these on cats since they’re Cat People.  Draco often sees cats with one eye but everyone still loves them and it’s really cute and it makes Draco happy. Great, now Draco is crying. They were probably born with one eye otherwise they’d have magic’d it back in or they’d have a cool robot eye. Maybe they just haven’t had the opportunity.



So here we have a Cat Vampire. People will sometimes say vampires are lame because humans with their tiny jaws are not effective when tasked with jaw combat. People are better at hand combat supposedly. Well a Cat Person has claws, pounces like both cats and vampires, and they can’t handle garlic. Don’t give garlic to your cats, dear readers, it is bad for them. Also while looking the concept up Draco learned in Japan some people believe or believed that cat tails could be used to hypnotize their prey so they sometimes cut them off. That lines up with vampire’s hypnotic eyes they sometimes have. And cat eyes have eyes better adapted to low light, a thing vampires have or would love to have. So Draco decided the Cat People must become vampires. But these Cat Vampires are even better than regular vampires. Generally when a person becomes a vampire after dying they become stronger, faster, yadda yadda. Well a cat with nine live can die nine times and therefore become a vampire far more than the average one life chump. Draco also set it up so they are born as vampires 30% of the time meaning they start off with a major advantage and can gain so much vampiric power. Their retractable claws and teeth become sharper and their muscles become stronger including their tails. Draco likes to imagine their tails allowing them to kick off the ground and leap at prey.

So on the topic of collars, in Dracula there was a part where a character dies and so they put a crucifix necklace in their coffin and plan to cut the person’s head off. This obviously goes badly but the idea is that the collars work like those crucifix necklaces. If they are wearing them when they die they do not become vampires. This Cat Vampire is employing the strategy of hiding where the collar would be but stronger ones wouldn’t need to do this unless they wanted to.

There is also the tail thing. Because the tails could be hypnotic and also because the more muscly and wild tails are harder to hide this makes for an easy way to spot them. Basically Draco decided when a Cat person becomes a vampire their tail gets longer so the stronger vampires won’t be able to hide at all.

It should be noted that Cat people have segmented souls. So it works like Voldemort but they’re born with their souls pre-broken instead of having to do what Voldemort did. That’s how they get the bonus of additional vampiric transformations.




Draco had an idea the other day. What if some of these Cat People opened a Cat Cafe. All the staff and most of the patrons would be Cat People and they’d be surrounded by cats. Draco has to specify that because Nekopara is kinda like that but this would be Nekopara mixed with Hustle Cat and more.  Draco picked the name A Catfe of Cats because Draco made the sign far too large. Draco started with Catfe, added the of cats, and then shoved an a in to make it go all the way across. It’s a mess but all good venue names have a messy story to accompany them.


So the plot starts out with this cafe, just your average cat cafe, run by Cat People, with Cat People patrons, but then one lazy afternoon a stranger runs in all disheveled and collarless. The staff moves to serve this customer as they would any other but while taking care of them they realize this panicked stranger is a vampire. Everyone is shocked such a terrifying monster would enter their cafe but this person seemed nice enough and the cats liked them too. Alas the guards arrive to slay the beast. They demand to know why the vampire is collarless but the staff steps in and announces that the vampire is just their newest hire and they were going to have to get into uniform soon. The guards are skeptical but then the staff points out that vampires can’t come in unless invited and what sane cafe would invite their doom in( Ignoring the open welcoming sign on the door). So the guards leave but they give a little we look forward to coming back here as they go out the door do now they have to actually employ the vampire or they’ll probably all be executed. Draco thinks it could be cute and looks forward to finishing his novel so he can start whatever this will be.





Here we have a cool resistance member selling stuff out of their coat. The important part of the collar is the charm but without it you can get by in society without being hassled.





This Cat Vampire has a nice long tail and wears a little crown. Clearly the cream of the crop. They were probably pretty rich and either got out of wearing a collar or wore one of those rich person collars which are less effective. Either way they would have taken their resources and fled west. That’s where the resistance is based and it’s closer to Cohavy, a magical land where Vampires are accepted that also doesn’t particularly like CynarqolastalidaBgork. The Rich rebels and Cohavy fund the vampire rebellion with equipment and blood. Sadly the upstart Zerg-like of Slimera has cutoff easy access between the two but it’s still possible for those who can survive the perils.



See, the pouncing thing. They kick off with their ridiculously powerful tail and glide with their cute little cape which may or may not be magic depending on if you want to do the math but we’re talking about vampires so hey don’t judge to hard there.



There is no reason one has to be all broody as a vampire. Vampires are just people with unusual dietary needs and also cool powers and unfortunate weaknesses. Sure they’re died and all that but you can still have fun. We have been inching toward squirrel territory but for that the tail would be wider, the teeth would be different, and whiskers would be left out.

So when Draco was writing out his world building notes for this section on Cat Vampires mentioned a few individuals, powerful magic users, who took advantage of their unique souls to become Liches. The ground shakes where they walk(metaphorically as that would be impractical) and they lead the resistance, having carved out a swath in the west to house the discontented and fleeing. . In some rp systems vampires and liches can’t coexist but the way Draco set this up they totally could. The combination of covers the weaknesses of each meaning killing them would be incredibly convoluted. It seemed fair to make the success rate extremely low but it has happened. Draco was hoping one would pop up in this series but the magnitude felt to difficult to convey at the present moment. They should look really cool and intimidating though like a cute dark souls.



Angel Cat Person! Draco’s pen ran out doing this one so Draco used every color at his disposal.

So angels in Draco’s world are naturally occurring but also anyone can become one. It’s more of a job than anything. That makes naturally occurring ones kinda weird now that Draco thinks about it. Like imagine going to a McDonald’s and then finding out all the employees were grown in a vat specifically to be employees at McDonald’s. Maybe they can quit. Oh maybe they have like an angel rumspringa where they live for like a year among the people. That worries Draco a bit because these angels are a bit like a cat with a laser pointer. This angel would be doubly screwed in the laser pointer department.

The pose is of stretching, presumably after a cat nap. Even though Draco imagines they’re a hard worker there is still plenty of time to nap.