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So Draco was writing a post about accomplishing things on his todo list. The problem was that Draco was putting all of them in one post and Draco could definitely get multiple posts out of these. Draco will start with this one despite writing this one last because Draco mentioned doing so. Actually Draco has mentioned several of them… Draco shall ignore that and continue on. Though leaving the two windows open may have messed up the entire process. Hopefully it works out.

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On Draco’s todo list; One of those character from random archetypes things Draco was doing. Draco didn’t do it right away because it was boring. The problem with random is that sometimes you get a bad roll. But Draco did it. The key was to not go at it from a straightforward angle. Basically the character Draco was tasked with has been done to death but then Draco remembered that in the world Draco’s writing which Draco should eventually name, there is a country populated with undead. Draco’s undead though, they’re different in a drastic way, as Draco has mentioned a few time. They hunger for cosplay instead of human flesh. Which is perfect because this character is essentially a generic JRPG protagonist and that can be justified away with cosplay. Let’s go over them so it’s easier to write.

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Only those with truestsight will be able to read this.

The Chuuni for short is a character with delusions of uniqueness. It might be that they claim to have a magical power, a dark pact, gang affiliations, any sort of combat ability, emotions, etc. It’s generally harmless and often annoying. At best it’s fun. At worst someone dies. Somehow even in works with actual special powers you still see it. The character just ends up being extra extra. Sure anybody can cast fireball but only they can cast extreme scorching cinder orb mk III.


Ordinary Man

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Ordinary man is a super hero with the power to diffuse any supernatural situation by making it more mundane. That’s not true though. The ordinary man is an ordinary man. They aren’t particularly remarkable. An average Joe.  Average will obviously depend on what everyone around them is like but for the most part they’re just boring audience surrogates. It’s an obviously common character but also often used incorrectly. Sure you claim to be ordinary but you accidentally burned your home down and just happened to have plenty of money to rebuild it and then go on a blimp vacation with your boat that isn’t a yacht but it’s a yacht. We aren’t buying it. The ordinary man is pretty easy to understand. Just create someone not prepared to be in the story at all. If they are qualified in any way to do a task, make sure it doesn’t happen until you’ve properly established how unprepared they truly are.


All-Loving Hero

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What’s better than thwarting evil? Befriending evil! Everyone will be the All-Loving Heroes friend. Did they just meet? Friend! Did they just happen to be in the same room? That’s a friend worth dying for. Most Gundam protagonists attempt to be this hero and then fail miserably. Recruit the enemy to one’s side is great because it both subtracts from enemy numbers and adds to ally numbers but this character will pay any price because they love their friends. They are pretty powerful generally because anyone who isn’t 100% on the evil train will eventually just join up to stop this idiot from annoying them. Sure they murdered billions of people across several planets, but it was because their dad didn’t buy them a puppy and now the All-Loving Hero bought them a puppy so it’s fine.


And when you combine these archetypes you get a regular guy with an unusual fashion sense who will fight you until you’re their friend. So yeah a JRPG protagonist. Here we go.


He is a very triangular boy to let you know how edgy het is but his sword is rather square to let you feel all safe and protected. Draco tried a technique where you zoom out as far as possible and scribble out a form and then you keep the parts you like. The hair is stupid in a reminiscent way. It’s probably a wig. It was a hat at one point and that looked awful. The outfit is messy and worn wrong so you know this guy is a rebel with a cause called wearing clothes wrong. It’s important to remember though that this is a character they’re playing. The actual character probably would still have all the skin on their arm and neck. Maybe not if they wore that outfit in the snow. They’d be blue though.This guy is purple because as you know undead people are purple. That’s just science. Their face is happy but also plain to help you know that he is just like you.  Now you may be thinking you don’t relate to this guy at all but when dealing with the Ordinary Man being actually average or ordinary in a realistic sense hardly matters. This guy like all the undead in Draco’s world so that’s ordinary. Pockets are ordinary. Big jackets are ordinary. They’re pretty ordinary overall; to the point that Draco is about to yawn…

So the character he’s dressed as is named Bosket. Bosket would be some sort of crusading mercenary who’s all rough and tumble but who never leaves an ally behind. They travel across the land taking names and helping people. Definitely a frowner.

The actual character would be named Matrov. Draco derived that name by searching for Berserk Cosplay and then taking some letters from the cosplayer’s username which was then Draco’d into a name.

Matrov Magnificent is a guy who died several years ago and he exists. Matrov likes cosplay characters with big swords because when he was alive he had one. His favorite food is strawberry tart.

Matrov is a total side character. Probably the weakest character out of all the characters Draco has generated randomly. That’s fair though. They should absolutely never be the main character in any story.

Anyway here, here, and here are the lists. Draco won’t know what he roles from these lists but due to the rather poor roles of late Draco might rerole later. If it’s not interesting there isn’t all that much point.

1st: 31!

2nd: 40!

3rd: 61!

These had better be good… If it’s not good Draco’ll change it.