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Draco started a weird thing where Draco drew a bunch of elves and organized them by their level of affluence. This, while fun, is inefficient and it gave Draco a bunch of stuff to do. So Draco ended up with 17 elves including one who Draco had just finished and who inspired the idea. That’s more than half of what Draco’d do in one of those month-long drawing challenge things and Draco did it in a few hours over a few days. Of course if these were ink Draco’d consider them actually done while these are not so it’ll still be a little longer before they’re all shared. Not the point not the point not the point WE HAVE A DIFFERENT POINT. So Draco was thinking about elves and reading about elves and Draco saw a post about elf governments. It always annoyed Draco how elves, despite being immortal overly talented extremely agile and infinitely wise, somehow avoid making any technological progress and they always have backwards isolationist monarchies.

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Elven ruins are most certainly more common in fiction than Elven maintained buildings

If even simple humans today can realize that’s a bad plan then elves who have seen countless nations rise and fall should be able to take a stab at saying hello to a neighboring kingdom or putting a lever and a wheel together to make Lever Wheel the Legendary Weapon of Legend or some sort of machine with levers and wheels. Who really knows, no one tried so we really have no way of finding out. Anyway, the post disagreed, because you gotta keep elves in the inefficient stone age since it’s tradition. Draco disagrees with their disagreement.

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There are of course others who disagree and you do see some elf governments led by sensible leaders and for some reason they all seem to be super prosperous such as the Aldmeri Dominion from Elder Scrolls with their strong very dominant alliances( though they’re jerks bluffing through crisis after crisis but the empire apparently isn’t good at spy games)

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and the elves from Artemis Fowl who rode around on nuclear and/or solar-powered jetpack wings( probably not healthy but nobody lives forever unless you do).

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The wiki didn’t have the source but Draco found it. No problem, just doing your job person who uploaded.

It’s odd but it’s almost as if making good decisions can lead to good things for a country and sitting in the woods doing absolutely nothing will get absolutely nothing when the dark lord whose coming was foretold millennia ago desires to burn down the ancestral glade and recover the Nightseeker Blade of Endtimes. Draco gets that tradition is a thing and some people will completely reject advancement to follow it BUT these are elves. You can’t say your elves are better, smarter, faster, then make them universally worse.

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Draco has been watching a Rimworld series on YouTube because 466 hours just isn’t enough for Draco and it features the really cool vampire mod.

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Basically the plot is that there is 1 all-powerful vampire and everyone is vying for their favor. The comment sections for these videos tend to have at least one person recommend sending the vampire to go raid a neighboring village for blood because they never have enough and it’d solve the problem to which the video maker will disparage the thought because that would just be too easy, which is fair they just don’t want to do it and if they don’t find crushing a large group single-handedly fun then that’s their choice. The problem is when you actually watch the series you notice the vampire just sits around doing little to nothing of value before going on a rampage which is swiftly ended by just a few people and sometimes a dog. Now sometimes they do kill a person but in the last episode they struggled against exactly 1 pig. The likelihood they could actually crush any sizeable group is nill to none. The single biggest thing holding the colony back is the vampire which really contradicts the narrative. Any sensible person would quickly notice their uselessness and abandon the leech holding everyone back rather than vie for a weaklings favor. It’s still nice to watch mind you, just not realistic.

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When you’re writing and someone is supposed to be better they have to be better and should display any hint of being even remotely above average. If your all-powerful vampire struggles against a small animal that a sickly child could defeat they aren’t actually all-powerful. If your wise elves can’t see that their complete ignorance of anything outside of their borders will eventually kill them then they aren’t wise. Now it’s ok to make foolish elves, don’t you worry. Draco even has foolish elves in the world Draco’s been building. The thing is that they aren’t portrayed as wise and that’s the key. The elves who embrace progress enjoy markedly better lives while those who reject it will learn they feared the wrong demons. The entire topic started with the 17 elves of various social and income ladders Draco was possessed to make and at the very tail end of said ladders are of the foolish variety. Draco just feels like glorifying Luddites because you wanted to borrow from a language nerd who you hardly understand isn’t exactly the best plan and certainly shouldn’t be the default. Tolkien may not have been a fan of industrialization but taking that as “elves must reject the future in order to coexist with nature” is lame. An actually interesting idea would be to have them coexist by coexisting. Nature doesn’t just remain forever stagnant and neither should elves.

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You know you’ve got all these smart people and in most of them you’ve got magic but you really can’t think, with all the power of your imagination, a way for them to figure out potato batteries? This shouldn’t be hard for a neigh immortal group of nature experts. There are non-destructive( if this autocorrects to no destructive again so help them) technologies and if there were anything they desperately needed but couldn’t get there is still magic. They probably wouldn’t need it because humans in real life have done it but adding in magic to their tech would harm literally nothing.

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If humans can do this magical nonsense pictured above elves would have no trouble. Now that we’ve covered technology we should obviously address diplomacy.

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Elves can talk. They have the mystical body part known as “mouth”. They speak language and language is a tool developed to create cooperation. If you told Draco that a super intelligent humanoid made a tool to cooperate and then just decided “Eh” well Draco’d laugh at you derisively. Now let’s say you were trying to make the perfect diplomat. What sorts of traits would you want this diplomat to have? Beautiful would probably be the first one because the first thing anyone sees is the face. Intelligent would be another one. They’d need a certain level of grace and composure for sure. Well-spoken would be a must as well. Charisma would also be nice. Now what you haven’t yet realized is that Draco has been describing traits that generic elves can and usually do have this entire time! Shocking, yes? So all in all Draco thinks they’d be able to make leaps and bounds in the fields of diplomacy.

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As for a system of governance, there isn’t really a right answer but that goes both ways really. A Monarchy could work but so could literally anything else. Draco went with a literal democracy because elves live so long counting every vote doesn’t seem impractical. In one of Draco’s mermay pictures you can see the building they vote at in the distance. It’s the Space Needle Ripoff if you’re bad at guessing.


Upon reflection it’s a bit odd that they’d have a mermaid fountain since they’re on the west coast and mermaids live exclusively near the eastern coast but maybe it was built before The Tradgedy of Innebriated Seas which Draco’ll maybe write about in a more Deity related post since it characterizes them pretty well or in a merpeople post because it explains why their country is just bad in every conceivable metric for a country. You can probably parse what happened from the context clues as well.