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In the last post Draco was talking about elves in general because Draco was drawing many elves but hadn’t finished them enough to just post them. Now Draco has finished them enough to post them. Prepare for many elves and tons of lore/facts/ general story details on the elven country of Ourand and its inhabitants. Maybe you’ll need the map…


map now updated with several important locations including where the gods live.

Alright now for elves.


Here we have some poor elves. whether they chose to only use what they scavenge or they somehow ended up in a Luddite cult they’ve managed to be poor in a world where you can just conjure resources. For example, at one point in the story the characters go to a store and instead of just having things for sale they had a cheaper option where, instead of buying what you want, you could buy a box full of products which may be what you want, may be some other common product, or may even be some super rare or expensive item. This was all to decrease their overwhelming stock but later in the story the characters hear chatter about a shop that apparently exploded with overstock and this caused a bit of traffic which caused a Dullahan to get PO’d and yadda yadda plot. Not the point, the point is you can have so much stuff accidentally that you can destroy a building and yet these friends are like “nah”. It’s not exactly that easy, not everyone can just make everything and it’s pretty easy to screw up but still everyone else is doing it and their only problems are horrific monsters, pointless war, and unending despair caused by vindictive gods with a cruel sense of irony. Actual upon reflection, these poor elves have those problems too, just without useful tools to deal with them like magic, masonry, or shoes other than what’s found mismatched on the ground.


Here we have some regular ordinary elves. They are good friends, some might even say cousins. The difference is these two have clothing of various colors and materials. Yellow is a pretty standard color in the elven country of Ourand because the plant that is essentially their version of cotton produces a yellow fabric. Some elves have hair that is very similar to this color and they are considered fairly ugly while green is considered attractive, blues are acceptable but basic, purple( including some fairly reddish purples) through indigo(which is bluer than you’d think) are brimming with talent, and blonde through white is considered acceptable. Those are the only colors that appear naturally in these elves. For some reason they’ve figured out hair dye but not fabric dye… This sort of thing is always something Draco enjoys. The entire thing was inspired by Draco’s first game of Civilization where Draco completely ignored boats which lead to Draco’s 21st century army being like “hello!”

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So these elves, they’ve got steam boats, magnet trains, early lighting setups, 20th century construction techniques, and body modification that would make a neolutionist blush( Go watch Orphan Black you sod), but they skipped advanced manufacturing, advanced metallurgy, animal husbandry, enchanting, and they went in an odd direction on farming.basically they grow plants in the shape they need them. So instead of creating a tunnel they’s grow one, instead of smithing something they’d grow it where possible. They don’t really do big fields they just use what’s there. This is difficult and time-consuming but they’re elves so time hardly matters. Anything that they can’t make in a sensible quantity of time can be obtained via trade with Cohavy who happen to have so many mass-produced items that their shops are literally bursting. Most of the clothes the two above are wearing would have come from there. Because of readily available resources, few enemies, and a relatively developed environment these elves are able to be carefree and eat grapes. surely nothing bad will happen to make their lives more difficult.


Egelcarmion-Canogur, a mysterious stranger, descended from Mt. Egg one day long ago with a stern expression on his face.No matter the obstacle in his way he swiftly chopped until the obstacle was overcome. A ferocious beast? Chop. Solved! A twisting maze? Chop. Solved! A sad child? Chop. Solved! Throughout the years, Ege as he was popularly dubbed has been quite the folk hero in Ourand. This hero chases away doubt from the hearts of many. Despite the many mysteries that surround him such as ” where did he get that onesie”, “why did he suddenly appear”, “why does he often disappear and where does he disappear too”, and “how does he remove the onesie” he is still a beloved and historically relevant historical figure.


Ourand’s army is more reliant on engineering than actual combatants. Upon reflection most of the countries Draco has going here use something other than actual living creatures to fight their battles because populations can’t really support unending bloodshed. War trains include embrasures and casemates for archers and magic users to fire projectiles from. The competent on board maintenance crew reinforces the walls and heals damage while assorted fighter people deal with anyone who somehow gets in. Their job is very exciting but then what is really. They travel from station to station, periodically between civilian trains. This brief photo-op is the most exciting thing they’ve experienced in weeks. This is why they placed a bunch of cargo in front of the door despite that being a safety hazard. Oh and the obvious rope pulley pose thing they have going on. The rope is attached to a pole-arm (the reddish-purple haired elf uses it usually,) which is levitating thanks to the blue haired staff-man train conductor. The engineer-y elf started kinda looking a bit like Julia Lepetit so if you look closely you can see Draco went full Julia. Go watch 90% of Drawfee if you don’t get the reference.



Draco doesn’t actually trust you to look closely so here you go with 100% opacity.

The train is supposed to be slightly insectoid because, you know, nature.

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As for their gear, almost none of it was locally made. In edition, none of it was provide. You want to be an elf guard, better open up your pockets. That’s why it’s not particularly uniform. Some people focus on different things.


For example this noble elf knight focused on boots for some reason. It was mentioned in a previous blag that these elves use clothing made of hair to define status. Ordinarily a knight would want things like torso armor and weapons but she’s able to make those with her cool ice magic so she’s out here with expensive fancy boots from Crotor, where they make stuff but good. So when you combine all the factors, hair clothes, expensive well made boots, magic ice armor, we can deduce that this knight is famous. They got the money, power, and status. As for status,



The Elfistocracy.

This is an old elf family and their servant people. No one else of any other family or profession is bending light to make themselves invisible. Those accusations are foolish and wrong. Anyway, this family has all things these elves love. pointy angles, height, body modification, hair outfits, and waists that would almost definitely kill a human person.


They live on top of Sky Flower, the giant space needle ripoff where everyone votes, which many are calling “pointless”. Some of these elves in the last pic were around to see it constructed and they don’t see it that way but it does sort of exclude non-elves from being involved in the discussion. The winding corridors, narrow stairways, and time dilation magic, exclude those with short lifespans and non-humanoid bodies and this has led to criticism from everyone who doesn’t live at the top of an obnoxiously large tower. There is also anger over the decision to just allow Slimera to take huge swaths of land but in their defense, the swaths of land were pretty subpar and when building a civ sometimes you have to build tall before you build wide. Luckily most people are pretty happy ignoring all the problems and even if they weren’t, what are they going to do, right? It’s not like they’d hire a cute elf assassin to sneak in and murder them. We already confirmed that that would be ridiculous. Plus Draco definitely didn’t write an entire post last time about elves being too passive, too foolish, and too unsociable or anything.

Anyway, there are a few things you might have noticed. One of the servants holding a tray has a very nice pitcher and a similar skin tone to the Richie Riches.  Definitely a coincidence, just like in real life.

To their right is a stern looking chief of staff style character. Draco found it amusing to put the chef and chief next to each other.

To the right of the chief is a maid she was the first and originally only servant here but the entire thing was supposed to be like the cover of Downton Abbey so there had to be more than one downstairs person. The others were in response so she kinda set the bar.

To the right of the maid you have another maid but this maid is a bag maiden. and she has vitiligo. Now you may wonder why she has it and the answer to your wonder is that Photoshop has been acting weird lately. For about two minutes while drawing her nothing was responding but it turns out it was just taking a while. After the two minutes every single motion Draco made with his pen appeared on her head and it looked good so eh why not.

Next up we have a flag bearer. Originally this was the knight from earlier but when Draco decided that they’d be a family they were changed into this rather muscular when compared to the others flag bearer. They’re so tall they don’t need ridiculous shoes. Keep in mind even the shortest person here would be taller than say the tallest person in the NBA by a head or two.

Next to the flag bearer is Nelindes the harpist from an earlier post. It was decided at a crucial point that this would be Nelindes’ family which set the color scheme going forward. Presumably elf families send one child to be a performer kinda like how noble human families did that “this kid inherits everything, this kid goes to the church, this kid goes to war” thing in fiction and maybe real life who knows.

Next to Nelindes is her little sister. She’s upset about any number of things. her outfit is made from Nelindes’ hair because she’s too young to have grown her own but too rich to wear normal people clothes. She is the only one who got her mother’s hair color though so that’s novel sort of. Genetics, right? That was an “eyebrow wriggle right” not a “questioning right”.

The sleepy one is sleepy because Draco was sleepy at the time. If they ever bit their tongue they’d have significantly less tongue… On the whole white hair thing that’s because that’s a shade, not a color. Technically it’s just a really light green.

The terrifying man is the papa of the household. He has survived many fashion trends and if he was still capable of thought he’d probably only regret some of them. The most regrettable would be his face stretching surgery which stopped being a thing after about a month but you can’t really undo that you know. His “make my arm and leg into an instrument” inspired Nelindes’ arm harp but this is from a time before it could be done well. They’ve really improved their body modification a lot. The tree arm is actually related to the burial practices of Ourand.

Basically in Ourand they prepare the dead body in a very specific way and then put a seed in it so a plant can grow circle of life blah blah. Unfortunately for many grave keepers a hostile race of plant people would sometimes emerge from the dead bodies. These plant people do not retain any of the personality or appearance of the person they grew in BUT what if they could the harpman thought. It’s only ever been tried on the dead so maybe a living elf would retain everything. He’d get a new body and sudo immortality( plants reproduce by making exact duplicates of themselves essentially so clones basically). While elves are supposed to be extremely long-lived, he is probably the closest to death by senescence and ghost and/or Undead elves have no right to property in Ourand. So the first time as you can see from the lack of him being a plant man it did not work but scientists suspect that’s because he tried it in his necrotic arm. This time he’s trying it in his forehead.

And at the very end on the right you have the mama. She is quite angry that sleepy is just slightly taller. She has less grotesque decaying body parts than her partner but that’s because she’s like 400 years younger than him. She’s ancient too, just less so. She honestly probably thought he’d accidentally kill himself chasing trends but ever since he cut off circulation to his brain their marriage has improved a great deal. If it does lead to immortality she’d be down for it though. She was fine with all her organs being shoved into the top half of her body so it’s not as if she’s opposed to new ideas. On that note, because she lives right next to the voting chamber and she can actually walk she’ one of the main decision makers in Ourand. She represents many of those who cannot make the trek up and surely she takes that responsibility to heart and isn’t just a rich person using her privilege to be a coruler. Even if that were the case, at least she’s smart. A real Dowager Countess type humor too without the living in the past-ness.

Lastly though, we should probably go over what a hypothetical assassin all the way on the left would be like. Maybe they’d subvert the usual assassin attire because they can be invisible. Some might declare them downright adorable for a murderer-for-hire.

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As Draco has mentioned, the magic system in this world is based on aesthetic and self reflection.While wearing a traditional assassin-y outfit could provide some useful spell justification but typical isn’t necessarily synonymous with good. Like maybe a dark blue leotard could let you say blend into the shadows but if you look radiant you could blend into the light. Shadows are still an issue though. If you’re a bit stoic you could perhaps walk silently but sometimes the loudest noise is a deafening silence.  Oh and having a laser focus might let you fire a laser not that that has anything to do with anything.

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All hypothetical here. What we should really focus on is how, because these elves are all high-class and they presumably think very highly of themselves they should have more powerful magic by default. They could also use their elevated status to elevate themselves via flight. Their propensity for being alive could even help them stay alive through various means. If it’s just something you can remove whenever you want the spell will probably be less powerful than something based on an inherent physical or character trait unless it’s something that is related to one such trait. For example if you have good eyesight glasses, while normally pointless, could give you extremely good  sight.

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Guess the point is you never know what sort of magic someone has going on and that’s why in most effective parties there’ll be a person whose job it is to figure specifically that out and what their weakness may be. Of course then those people can use spells to help them figure such things out which means they’re better at their job so they can use more powerful spells and it’s and endless cycle of justification. They tend to fall into ruts or fall to their deaths in this world.

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This was a post and a half.