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Draco has been merming the maids for may again. It’s fairly time-consuming and Draco hasn’t had any time to write so ideally we will keep this one short. Draco was supposed to be doing more frequent shorter blags but these last few have been long so seriously let’s keep this to about 400 words.

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Draco was existing as he tends to do and Television also happened to exist at the same time. It was on some channel and what was playing should probably be considered a war crime. So Draco changed the channel and ended up watch a cartoon which according to Instagram is very popular called Star vs the Forces of Evil.

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Draco hasn’t watched much of it and the episodes Draco did watch were from the third season so it’s not like Draco can discuss it but there was something interesting. It was the Christmas analogue episode and they panned through their cute little kingdom doing winter things and this one background character was just crouched, doing nothing off to the side. When the camera finally centered on them and sufficient time had passed they threw a snowball. Basically this random background character was like “I’m fully aware of you camera, I’m not going to start acting until I’m in the spotlight”.  Ordinarily this sort of scene is supposed to have people going about their daily lives which would have been fine and if they had a character standing around by accident it’d be an embarrassing mistake but this was just very good. To be fairer though any accident would be bad so that’s not really a point. It was just something to notice and Draco enjoyed it. It’s important when you create to dissect other media and figure out the things you like to give yourself a wider array of tools to work with.

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Also Draco could not find a gif of what that scene usually looks like or the scene itself so you’ll really need to excuse Draco a bit if that wasn’t specific enough or if that’s THE background character and it’s some sort of running gag. Draco just needed a topic that wasn’t “welp we’re 23 days into #mermay”. Maybe go watch the episode yourself and get inspired. Or watch something else and get inspired. Stare at a wall and get inspired.

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Really your mission is to just get inspired. Didn’t want a mission? Boo-hoo.