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It’s Witchtober!!!!!!! bwwr bwwr bwwr says the air-horn witch. This year we’re going to try posting some of these from WordPress in order to get more engagement from various platforms and also character limits exist sometimes. If it’s not working out we’ll stop and go back to the old way but as for now we’ll try this. Prepare for Autocorrect though. The followup autocorrect joke comes before the first so that’ll be interesting.

Here is the list.


Today we have Emblematic Witch.


The question really was, what is emblematic of all these witches? Over the years we’ve seen plenty of different witches with very different adjectives. Many of them have bags and there are quite a few crime lords but it would be difficult to represent all of them especially since many of them are contradictory in nature. The best chance would have to be Amari Comela, head of the Witchery Guild. She is sort of an emblem or in a less forced way of speaking a symbol to represent an ideal and preside over magical matters. Amari may not have any particularly flashy abilities but she is a very good utility witch.

Amari is always out to help wherever possible which is of course nice but it does hinder her a bit as her spells generally do not affect her. For example she can fly but only while others are flying with her. If she wanted to make food with magic she’d need to make a group serving. If she were sick and wanted to cure it she’d need 1 or more sick people so she could maybe do like a magic cloud of curing. If she were alone in the dark she wouldn’t be able to magically light anything. On top of that, if she were with others and it was exceptionally dark she would be able to light anything without first hearing, touching, or smelling the presence of another person. Tasting would work too but a situation where seeing, hearing, smelling, and touch are out of the question but tasting is possible seems unlikely but maybe some other magic user turned off specifically those senses but forgot taste and that’ll be their weakness.

Amari is more thorough than most which benefits her in her job of mostly paperwork and presiding and ultimately it’s unlikely that any spell she uses would backfire but it also leads to an inflexibility. “Do This Task Specifically” is always going to work better than “Woo magic fire go yeah yeah” at a specific task but in the next task it could go wither way. Auto correct once again being an mvp with wither way. 

Amari has a bag. It’s not a magic bag. Bags of Holding haven’t really become a thing yet but hey that’s a million triangle money idea right there. Let’s hope this year we think up a name for the triangle money.

The Witchery Guild is a powerful organization not only in our setting the magical the magical nation of Cohavy and it’s capital Masellot. They have branches all over to deal with magical crime which really they get to decide and there isn’t that much oversight. This lead to Amari being slightly respected and feared  from all over despite her very kind nature. If she’s your friend you could maybe get a magic crime overlooked and if she’s your enemy maybe your septic magic is just now illegal. That was specific but hey auto correct made it better she could literally make your magic bathroom illegal. These people haven’t invented real plumbing yet. She wouldn’t do any of this but she technically could have. Nowadays though the fear and respect has dimmed somewhat thanks to her relationship with organized crime. In a literal sense. The head boss of the head crime family who rules over all these crime lords from Witchtobers past, who can strike fear–, once again literally, would send the concept of fear to the hospital, is dating Amari. They went to school together. Amari had higher grades when the teachers were informed that they were allowed to grade them fairly( and that their families would not be gored upon said grading( people who went against the Cassidy family at the time tended to not have middles )). They’re like rivalschool sweethearts or something. You would think associating with such people would only make her more feared but you were not at the meeting where they were calling each other nicknames and saying the word “meow” audibly. You weren’t there for the butterfly kisses. They are really the mushy lovey dovey sort. It was an important meeting. Someone had a permit to have their home perpetually on fire and they died which released the spell keeping only their house and fire but the permit didn’t specify that only their house could be on fire so technically it could spread forever and they needed her to input on whether they could extinguish it and they really needed her to say yes. Two other homes burned down and now one of them has a ghost that no one can seem to get rid of it’s all a mess really and that’s when the fear went away. People like her well enough but still but they don’t really count on her anymore and that’s a little sad. Also important to note is that death works differently in this world. Resurrection is doable and necromancy is belittled but still popular with many. Ghosts stick around even if you’re brought back to life which could then be used to bring you back to life twice. That’s a magic crime though so don’t try it. So really her inaction only lead to inconvenience but it made public opinion closer to correct so that’s a kinda good.

The other witches are just background characters. Some of them are coworkers who are dragged out of bed every morning. One of them has a helicopter hat instead of a broom and that’s strange.

Her name according to Google Translate means Not Really Banana which is accurate because she isn’t a banana. That’s some fun trivia.