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So WordPress trying so sort of new editor and so far it seems horrendously too convoluted to be better. They even have the little css editor more prominently displayed but if Draco wanted to do that Draco would be using some other website. Even Tumblr would be better than that. Imagine a world where Draco put effort into making Tumblr posts instead of just cross-posting. Anyway they talk a lot about blocks in this new WordPress Update it it seems like they think you’d want to reuse paragraphs. That could help with formatting but why not just use a formatting brush. Maybe it works between posts but why not just let you save a favorite format instead or have more formatting options easily available to begin with? Moving paragraphs might be easier though. Another thing, it’s less cluttered but they aren’t effectively using the space just as they were before. The clutter before was extremely minimal and now that minimalism is even worse. We aren’t here for a notepad doc probably. Draco shouldn’t speak for you; you may have bad taste and want a notepad doc in place of something better and no one can blame you. 

It’s probably fine though. It’ll take time to get used to ooooor Draco can switch back to the old version apparently. By can Draco meant did already. Notepad docs have their uses but this shouldn’t be on of them. Spellcheck no longer seems to work in the old editor…

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Draco also “just” picked up Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. It’s been made clear that this one is for beginners and that’s fine but it also kinda seems like they took that to mean less overall rather than beginner friendly. It’s fine, not terrible or anything, and sure it’s an improvement sort of on Pokemon Go. There are battles, Pet one of two Pokemon, dress up those Pokemon, and there are some other fun features but they took out improvements from the previous games which seem like they’d be good for beginners and that’s Oddish.

That’s a joke based on the word odd, in case you were struggling to figure it out since Draco was so subtle. Oddish is still in the game, it’s just a version exclusive. In the last games there was this feature where if you battled a Pokemon before the battle screen would tell you if a move would be effective or not in clear easy to read letters. This feature which would certainly help a child or adult who doesn’t want to remember that stuff and yet it doesn’t seem to be present. Another problem is that they took the Poke Mart out of the Pokemon Center. This makes sense since it’s a remake but just because it’s a remake doesn’t mean they can’t make improvements. They could have used the extra buildings for say a clothing shop instead of hiding outfits around like literal Easter eggs or maybe something related to having fun with Pikachu or Eevee like a … Pokefun center? Like a playground but inside a building? Or a cafe! Or put the cafe back in the Pokemon Center too. Having two shops, one that sells items vital for Pokemon, and one that sells food a drink, a thing you’d need to not die if this weren’t a video game, makes complete sense. Removing content does not necessarily make something more accessible to newcomers. A bicycle is, well Draco assumes, easier than a motorcycle to operate. That’s an example of something with less features that is easier to use. Handing a person two wheels would be far simpler than either of those two vehicles and yet Draco once again has to assume it would be more difficult to ride. Removing content can help but it can also do the opposite.  Draco couldn’t find a picture of this two wheels thing even though someone else would have definitely thought of that by now. Draco knows he isn’t the first person to imagine a person holding a bicycle wheel in their hands and standing on another wheel and then they’re either stuck or fall down. Even a picture would do but nothing remotely the same is coming up. Draco found it immediately after typing that.

There are positives though. It’s very cute. Aside from that it’s basically the same. Being essentially the same makes it essentially acceptable and the cuteness elevates it to better than acceptable. Science.  The cute is a factor that goes beyond what you can even imagine. Well that’s a bit of an exaggeration because you’ve probably seen it and can therefore imagine it. They are very cute, ok.

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Draco hurt his back. Not much to say on that. Hopefully it heals. A game that forces motions controls isn’t the best for that to be honest. Draco hasn’t finished it yet because, well, pain, but you know, we have an idea. Maybe something late game will make it a 10/10. Draco doesn’t want to be mean to it because it’s fine. plus cute. 

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We’ve surpassed Draco’s preferred 400 word limit and we haven’t begun the intended topic. By surpassed, Draco means more than doubled. Draco has to lean over to type which is’t great for his back.  Guess that mysterious first topic is out the window. Also Draco took far too long to post this. Draco’s back is nearly better probably hopefully maybe.