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Many moons ago, when Draco still used moons as a unit of time, except now Draco just did it again so that kind of invalidates that reference but you get it, Draco played the original Assassin’s Creed.

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It took Draco the entire game to figure out how blocking worked, Altaïr could not swim at all, and some other bits were annoying but there was something really great about it that the others in the series didn’t really have. Each time you had a target, you had to go into the city, learn about all their evil deeds from the people affected,  learn about the targets themselves, and then carrying out a plan. Well at least that’s how Draco remembers it(maybe none of that happened and nostalgia is a thing). The others kinda lost that and now they seem more like rpgs with stealth elements. Luckily there is a new game to scratch that itch. Well it’s an older series, and this new one sorta came out in 2016 but it also came back out now in 2018 so it’s complicated.




Hitman 2 is a wonderful game that also sorta existed in Hitman 2016 but that didn’t sell well and it was completely remade in Hitman 2 but honestly both are great. Obviously if you’re going to get either just get 2 and the legacy pack because then you get all of Hitman 2016 but with the improvements that 2 years and less strange studio fighting can bring. If you think redoing content is a cheap cop-out well it’s not. IO Interactive couldn’t use the old game because now they’re with WB instead of Square Enix. Either way just think of it as Hitman 2016 with that signature MK II look.


Hitman 2016 and 2 spoilers will probably appear so, you know.

Hitman 2 is a game all about information. It’s also about zany situations and the panic of trying to make a plan come together but it’s mostly about information. It’s a puzzle game where you could technically take a battle-axe or a fish to all the pieces if you wanted to. Draco wouldn’t recommend doing that at first but if that’s fun go for it. Draco personally finds it more fun to be selective with the murdering but there have been times where it all went wrong and it was still fun.  It’s strange to feel disappointed and amused at the same time but the best moments are when a perfect plan goes wrong but you don’t necessarily fail. For example, one mission there was this meeting directly below a penthouse and once the meeting was done they’d all have a toast. Draco knocked out every single person in the penthouse and slipped emetic poison in the target’s glass so they’d coming running into the completely empty embrace of death. Sadly Draco did not remember correctly which glass was their glass. It was an hours worth of work wasted but Draco still managed to get the perfect Silent Assassin rating after that. In another mission there was a military coup planned and once Draco infiltrated their headquarters Draco found a table filled with remote explosive devices. Draco knew he had to use one but the question was how to explode someone quietly. Draco never found that answer but there definitely would not be a military coup in that country possibly ever again. Draco’s score on that one was helped by the fact that they cannot go negative. Draco tried to get a picture by recreating the situation but Draco’s just too good now apparently. Turns out practice makes perfect.


It’s not about score though, because if you always go for silent assassin you aren’t going to get to do the fun methods. Well many of them you can. Explosions  or large falling objects are the ones you usually can’t because you’ll hit an innocent person by mistake. It’s also fun to go all cosmic justice or cruel irony. One target threw a girl off a building so Draco couldn’t just stab him or something. Another target who worked for a cartel making cocaine, trying to invent super cocaine, ended up in a cocaine machine where he became the super cocaine. Oh and if anyone smokes Draco usually gets to make a joke about how smoking kills before they end up lighting up near a gas leak. One thing Draco just learned is that if a target kills a non-target you lose points but you can also get a target to kill another target sometimes and that’s convenient but guards sadly don’t seem to try anything, while Draco will get shot at for loitering near the wrong person. There probably should be some sort of mall jail-esque system or maybe a “I’m suspicious of you but I have no legal authority to pull out my gun and shoot a bald man in the street for no reason as I’m just a security guard or a body-guard.” but it works if it’s  the maps with Yakuza Bodyguards who also work part-time at an organ harvesting hospital for some reason, Militia Moron Terrorists, Cutthroat Mercenary, Weird Gangster Cultist, Drug Cartel Soldiers, Doomsday Cult Mercenaries, or those weird people from the suburbs who all have silenced pistols for some reason, because they kinda have that as part of their modus operandi. UNLESS you’re wearing a mask at the time. There are plenty of disguises with masks and it really doesn’t make sense that you could be recognized in them.

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Several have full balaclavas. Like seriously how?


Back to the positive side because this game really is wonderful, Hitman 2 is expansive, accessible, and made with love. There are tons of little details in the very large maps. There are different difficulty levels, Draco hasn’t really tried them but they are there. Subtitles with instructions pop up on everything, using instinct vision let’s you see everything that can be interacted with, and following certain stories in each mission will usually provide an easy kill which is sometimes even cinematic but usually not. Running a barbershop shaving people all day was really fun. Ended up shaving over 30 people because Draco did the challenge wrong the first attempt and ignored the challenge on the first run, making the total around 34.

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There is a holiday mission and you can get a Santa Suit. Well to be honest since it’s time limited and Draco takes forever with these it’s probably “was ” instead of is.  Sadly it’s available for a limited time despite not being so when they originally released it in the 2016 Hitman. You get to keep the Santa suit though if you do all the challenges which are ridiculous but worth it. Here’s a video which is essentially what Draco did but 20 seconds faster so Draco had some extra steps to do.

The more missions there are the better the game is. Playing the same map with the same story can be fine but variety is prevents some of the potential staleness. Having these limited time events is a shame even if it does make everything feel all neat. When they do the Elusive Targets and only give you one chance and two weeks it makes the pressure rise and raises the stakes but after your one try you never get to kill Sean Bean again and all that voice work and all the props that were moved around are essentially being wasted.


Sure they may bring them back maybe once a year or so but there could be better ways to do it. It’s always free and that’s extremely nice but Draco would be willing to pay a little for that sort of thing. In some idle games they let you items which let you do the even and that kinda sucks since it’s still only temporary but a thing like that could also maybe be done in Hitman but instead of charging for a temporary item maybe after getting silent assassin you get a sort of Super Smash Bros style Challenger Approaching opportunity to do an elusive target. Draco would prefer if it was just say the rewards that were limited or maybe they could do 4 or 6 times a year. It might be a likeness usage limit thing though. A lot of the less stellar decisions stem from lack of money. Like ow they had beautiful cut-scenes and went to still images. It’s sad but it’s to make the actual game better and it’s ultimately the correct decision. That Opening Cinematic though, so good.


Oh, interesting idea, two targets but you only get to kill one. That’s actually more wasteful but hey whatever. Maybe for Hitman 3 they could do two entire different versions of the game that are essentially the same but each version has a different set of targets. Hitman Ballistic Blue and Remote Red or something and then have a third definitive edition with still not everything called Ducky Yellow. You sell thrice as many copies that way. You could have a trading feature but we all know you’re going to need them all if you want to get anywhere let’s be real.

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Draco was going to buy this for a dollar but Draco forgot to hit purchase and now it’s ten. Draco’ll wait and get back to you.

Draco isn’t sure why a Pokemon reference was necessary but we sure did let them have it. Draco would say Hitman 2 was definitely Game of the Year material and even more so if you ignore PS4 exclusives because pretty much every reasonable alternative was one. If Draco could buy it again with all the cool preorder bonus stuff Draco would love to but it was on SUUUUUUCH a good sale and it probably still is while the cool stuff is expensive. They seem to be looking for excuses to give the normal base game away, in some cases literally. With how great the game is and their determination to charge you as little as reasonably possible and even give away parts for free it’s pretty hard to say no to Hitman 2. That’s not true. Saying no is as easy as saying pretty much any other one syllable word. Children who’ve barely figured out language yet say it multiple times every day. That wasn’t the point though. Draco meant that part figuratively but you should buy it literally.


Whistling should be added. Maybe a wide array of bird calls.