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Draco has not been inspired with any fun ideas to write about lately. By lately Draco means like a month ago when Draco wrote this post probably. Also Draco hurt his shoulder which delayed it again. Hahahaha it’s better now hopefully. Draco beat Hollow Knight a while ago but when trying to write about it all Draco had was “Draco thought he didn’t like platformers, but then Draco played some platformers and liked them. This, along with Hollow Knights design and upcoming sequel convinced Draco to play it. It’s very good. Draco hurt his thumb playing.” and that’s not all that interesting spread out.  Plenty of people have already said Hollow Knight is great and it is great. Draco even did a fan art of it which you’ve probably already seen. We’re going to post a few drawings that we’ve seen before by the way. Heads up from a future Draco.


It really was a good game despite the real actual pain it caused. Draco isn’t bitter though. Draco even has the collectors edition arriving eventually.

The best parts of Hollow Knight are the lovable endearing protagonist, interesting environments, and the lore. So when Draco was drawing it was like eh, let’s draw some things from Draco’s giant world building document. OR maybe that started before this. We need a topic though and all this together is a topic. We need to ride this until Draco finds something other than “ghosts, fae, and devils need to learn how contract law actually works. You can’t just say oooooo you walked though my door, ate my fruit, or looked in my direction, and now I get to murder you for eternity.” even though that could tie into how most EULAs are utter ridiculous garbage. Ugh just imagine that. You buy some fruit, bring it home, and then inside the fruit you find a 900 page document written in legal jargon you aren’t familiar with. There are a lot of assumptions going on with these lawyer ghost devil fae beings here. Lucky for everyone they all, by existing, agreed to Draco’s super secret ultra binding EULA which gives Draco ownership of their eyes. It’s less than one page and it has the words “Draco owns your eyes” printed on it. This is off topic. Enough of that.

So Draco started with some Brairlot Community people.


This was apparently before Witchsona Week so this was definitely before Hollow Knight. Maybe. You’ve probably already seen this one on Twitter.

So the main thing Draco wanted here was to draw this pack animal which Draco calls a Hefalafe. It’s a monotreme and one of the first “magic using” animals Draco designed for this world. In a world where magic is super prevalent it doesn’t really make the most sense to have only regular animals. It’s also weird when magical creatures don’t really have anything magical about them. Griffins. While they’re magical creatures they’re just a mix of animals. While there aren’t real griffins conceivably there could have been. The Hefalafe harnesses magic to invigorate and inspire plant growth, giving them food even in inhospitable regions. They have a positive impact on the environment. Griffins, while cool, aren’t much different then say, a big cat. Maybe if their feathers were magic or they could talk– That’s another creature Draco gets mad about. Sphinxes. Who decided that everyone has to answer your riddles or you get to kill them. Draco can respect a Griffin going around doing its own thing more than some jerk who feels entitled to your riddle answers. The Hefalafe won’t force anyone into a game of death riddles. It’s a fairly passive animal who will really only try to gore you if you’re a real jerk.

They’re also the backbone of the Brairlot Community. The Brairlot Community it the northernmost country and they are the largest group of uniform wearing people anywhere is this somehow still unnamed world. It was during this drawing that Draco decided that operate in squads of four but that isn’t exactly unusual. They do mix and match a bit but if they work together well they’ll stick together. These friends are less interested in the fighting and moreso in entertainment.

On the left we have Mulberry, a big talker. Not only is Mulberry not the color of Mulberry’s hair, Mulberry is more of a low-level bard than a soldier.

Next is Kaury, a centaur cleric. Kaury heals people and sings. A Classic Fire Emblem-esque cavalry based healer.

Shirt Witch from last blag could trounce both of these two without a doubt.

Frist Yero is a little bit more of the fighty type. They are quick and vigilant. Frist’ll do a hymn or poem if the moments right but Frist is mostly in the group because half the team is weaker than Shirt Witch and in this dangerous world you need to be at the very least as powerful as Shirt Witch.

Eyal is a very strong fae with strength disproportionate to their size. They’re also interested in stand up comedy. Fae in this world have it similar to younger people in this world because if either use magic it can go very badly. Lucky for Eyal they have a natural strength which compensates. The Brairlot Community and Uthshell where the gods live are the only locations where Fae can gain citizenship outside of a fairy village. Generally they’re treated as tourists or guests but in the Brairlot Community everyone can come and contribute to the war effort against the invisible threat for the good of everyone or whatever. We’ve been over that.

Off the heals of this one Draco decided to do some more Brairlot Community people.


This one is a training yard, for you know, training and such. IT was almost just one person but it really spiraled out of control. These people didn’t get names yet but they’re mostly background anyway.

The leftmost background character is slightly notable in that they’re part unicorn. It always seemed weird that there were mundane animal / human people but very few magical animal / human people. Sure a unicorn person and a centaur aren’t really that different, especially when standing behind barrels, but it’s still something you would think you would see.

The next three are fairly mundane looking from far away but one of them has prosthetic arms and that is one of the sort of specialties of the Brairlot Community. Usually those aren’t that necessary since there are people who could just regrow limbs and such but sometimes those people could be far away, or there could be a curse, or maybe you thought ice armor would be a great idea and you keep losing them to frostbite and no one wants to deal with you anymore/ you’re lazy. Oh and maybe like one of the early villains who actually appear in Draco’s Story you want the prosthetic for your magic. Yeah his name was Virtue and he had his hands replaced with blades so that he could do a v pose with them. Not practical for say, using utensils, but it’s a show of dedication and it makes his magic stronger. It was a while ago but Draco definitely drew Virtue.

It’s not very good. Maybe Draco will fix it in the part 2 of this. Maybe you don’t even know this is going to be split yet. Draco’s living in the future right now. Draco adds the pictures after writing but Draco ain’t adding a non-lore-congruent-bad-pic. Oh wow we even get to the reason why it’s not lore congruent after this point but it’s unapparent because you won’t see it. That hardly makes sense to you probably. Ignore it or try guessing if you want. It’s 3 paragraphs away as of writing this. So much future yo. On top of that you definately knew there’d be a part 2 because title. Even more future Draco caught you there bucko.

Next up we have an unusual friend who is less or you could say more of this world.You see, long before the gods came to this world there were others and these other gods created other people who created a different far more futuristic society. These futuristic people did marvelous things but the other gods got bored and steered them towards a Jurassic Park style situation. Unexpectedly the futuristic society went a step above and went all Jurassic World, creating their own super creatures which ended up Kaiju-ing them into a collapse. They tried building shelters, building killer androids, becoming killer androids, portals to somewhere, poison, but infighting screwed up most of those. The other gods, now unable to recover, sold the world as is, to the very cheap current gods for a heavily discounted price. So in a way this world is a post-post-post-apocalyptic world. So there are tons of ruins with cool sci-fi nonsense in them. Most of the major cities are built around some sort of food or medicine producing ruin. This friend though, they’re made of several androids. The amount of broken androids in the Brairlot community is what part of what inspired them to make good prosthesis.  The loot up north isn’t the best which actually works in their favor here. If the androids were fine there wouldn’t be all these spare parts. Androids, who would by most accounts be considered exceptional golems, are exceptional. Even the friendly sort of companion android has the crush an armored head with their bare hands strength. The ones with weapons like this one are equipped for much larger game than almost anything available. The right spell caster could best them and they do have that obvious weak point on their leg and or any of the visible exhaust ports so it’s not all-powerful but this particular android is more from group combat. They’re also a mishmash so they don’t really excel at it. Better than a fleshy human person probably.

This cat friend is the reason for the season. The pose was done and it necessitated a scene. Draco wasn’t going to let that pose go to waste. This is all their fault. They’re for that lightning lifestyle. what a sentence. Really makes it all worth it. Draco was thinking we had a few too many pyromancers so it was time to bring some– apparently they don’t really have an equivalent term for lightning mages. Draco tried. Someone said Astrapomancy but that sounds awful. Voltomancy almost sounded better but the Google results were weird so let’s not. Let’s just call it lightning magic and move on. Sigh…

Next we have a demon. They’re some sort of channeling priest-y type. In this world there are two types of demons, new world and old world demons. Basically the old world had demons but they weren’t destroyed like the old civ was because they were safely tucked into a hell-like area. According to the timeline Draco made it took the gods 62 years to notice them and 1 day to wage a one-sided war against them which ends in capitulation and some romance. Checked the timeline again and it apparently takes the couple more than 38 years to bring labels into their relationship. Fun. So then almost 6000 years later, the very same year a King of the Sildurenth Empire outlaws pants, the gods decide to make their own demons. These new demons are more like scary looking genies though sometimes they’re conjured into existence extra cute for some reason. They do have the ability to change their appearance but usually they’re pretty secure. They also got the ability to pop their skeleton out of their body but it does leave them as vulnerable as you’d expect. They can still move while skeleton-less because of how their flying works(It’s magic, not aerodynamics) but it does need to eventually go back in/ be regenerated or else it won’t go back in. Anyway, this demon is a healer specifically, with a stethoscope tail, scalpel horns, and vestment-y vestments. Vestments are cleric-y and priest-y, right? Draco is unsure and therefore taking a -y-y approach. They’d probably heal people by screaming into the air and calling forth intense healing beams.


This is from a little while ago but they’re all new world. The old world demons are usually more plot relevant and  generally less friendly looking. Draco used to do the signature like that and it’s probably better to be honest. You probably seen this one too.

Ram people, or Sheep people, such as the one we have next to the demon, are very recent to the world. At some point the gods were looking at the ramshackle buildings some people lived in and someone joked that Ram people must live there and that’s about it. Imagine finding out that the reason for your existence was maybe a pun. Is that a pun? Sure, we’re 1400 words over like usual so we should probably do a part 2 instead of going over probably like 20 more characters. We’ll finish these up though. The Ram or Sheep people, being significantly behind everyone else got their own island. Because their nation was of an island sort, boats were a thing they thought of naturally on their own. Because of boats they were able to expand to other islands which existed solely because having one island only looks dumb. This was also where some of the merpeople were transplanted after the ocean was slightly poisoned during The Tragedy of Inebriated Seas but they are mostly ignored because of guilt.There is also a Centaur nation since they didn’t really have much success on the main continent and there was going to be a Apivul( a mix of dwarves and bees)  nation but the centaurs took care of that real quick. Not the point though. The Ram or Sheep people of MARKI(They don’t believe in lowercase) expanded, unfortunately for them, onto a formerly uninhabited island which was shaped like a creature from a cartoon that was popular during some of the gods childhoods so the gods were like nuh-uh and shoved them all back to the first island. They also amped the danger levels of the ocean in that area up to 11. Now MARKI is more wary of where they send their boats but you still get some sifted onto the main continent. At no point in their creation did anyone say “Hey, there are already multiple peoples with ram horns and hooves”. This Ram or Sheep person is more focused on these overlaps than anyone was during their creation. In keeping with themes they pretty much only got in to compare and contrast. They’d probably use some sort of kinetic magic if Draco had to guess.

Draco just remembered that they did appear last mermay. For some reason Twitter feels the need to include the mermay before that one we’re talking about. In the background though. See in the bushes? If Twitter messed up and you only see Sharknado-boy well that’s a good one but you can probably find the correct one in the replies. Ugh. Apparently it’s invisible only while editing and every time Draco tried to re-add it it worked.





In the wagon stable area we have a person with an actual weapon. It’s easy to forget with all the magic and all the natural unarmed ability that weapons also exist. This contrary to that point is a magic firearm. Converts your body heat into ammunition instead of using actual projectiles.Useful weapon for the demon blooded or any fire based creature capable of using it. They’re effective against undead but they can kill you with overuse so it’s not the most reliable weapon. Considering this person has one they’d probably be fine using one but that also probably means they don’t have any cool magic. At the very least no cool long range magic.

Also notable in the wagon area we have a buff friend. Their deal is that they can fuse their arms into one super arm and gain exponential strength. It’s a simple and effective idea which is more practical during work as opposed to some sort of battle. They’d need some sort of defense spell in a battle. They might be able to best that Ram or Sheep person but pretty much everyone else has a way to take out their arm. It’s one weak-spot compared to two.

You ever watch The C Team? The wagon part was Draco’s fav. That’s the inspiration for the wagon area.Watch that show if you want and a need for background noise. Great theme song.


Anyway, we’ll do a part two.