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Alright, part 2! It took so long to post, Draco doesn’t necessarily remember everything we were doing in PART 1 but it’s fine. We got the essence of it all. Word of warning, Spellcheck seems to have been removed. We are all doomed. Moving on. While the last part featured the the various misfits brought together by the banner of the Brairlot Community, this one features the deities who call Uthshell home.


Let’s start with Staril. One of the many gods of Draco’s pantheon. They may look like some sort of fashion model and they certainly would oversee something like fashion but as you can see if you look closer is that they exist in multiple locations. Staril is in a state of constant flux, every move they make they make disjointedly. Sometimes when they take a step their leg does what it did several seconds ago, or several seconds from now. Sometimes they change directions but still end up at the same destination. They wouldn’t be able to do a “how many fingers am I holding behind my back” because they’d be holding up ever finger combination at the same time. They also can’t really close their eyes so they always wear sunglasses. Staril’s domain is over the similarly ever shifting, moving, changing. Popular trends, infrastructure,  societal norms,  transportation, the human heart, cuddling, cats, that sort of thing.  They’re friends with Holse, God of burial, bonds, popped collars, you know, we’ve talked about him before.


Remember Holse? That hand isn’t great but it’s a glove so whateves. Hole the very buff snake friend who actually started off as very bad Hollow Knight fanart. Draco tried to do it from memory and gave him three horns so it was pivoted into what eventually became Holse.


Next up we have a group shot. Some more gods of the pantheon jogging on an Uthshell riverbank. They get bored. they don’t need to jog but what else is one to do? Some of the gods jog, some do book clubs, some jog and participate in book clubs, some create monsters to pit them against each other in battles which feature great music, and some walk among the mortals and do whatever. Ablass just lounges.

Once again twitter includes the previous tweet for some reason. Regardless, we’ll go over the gods in the group shot once again starting from the left.

Kesfli is a fun one and was for a long time considered the babby of the group.  Because everyone in the Pantheon is super smart, Kesfli, as the babby, was put in charge of baby stuff. Also elegance and procrastination. They supplement limbs with that specific green.

Krys is based on a stain from a leaky roof. The roof stopped the leak but not soon enough for this shape to remain. They’re only a minor god due to not being capable of speech. They cover water, arms and armor, resting bish face, being cold in general(personality wise), resistance, etc.

Rex is super creatively named. A dinosaur that accidentally got caught in a people machine. There are better ways to write that sentence but no thank you. Rex is bald and likes sweaters. They also do bookkeeping, management, and inspection.

Gatre is the god of power and victory. Gatre is made of gold. Mostly just an arrogant little friend. If you haven’t noticed by now, their domains aren’t really decided by who best fits what. It’s partially who fits what best but it’s also voluntary. Holse doesn’t really know about Burial but neither did anyone else  for example. They also along with their domains govern regions and the regions that Gatre presides over have historically been defeated so victory is questionable. If anther god with more success really wanted it they could make a case to claim it but since a lot of people would like to be victorious that’d be a lot of work so that’s unlikely.

Foreum is a quite the busybody goddess. Essentially Foreum is the PR Goddess, managing the Ministry of Welcome and writing up any sort of scripture which needs to go to the in the know public. There are a few Ministries which are staffed mostly by angels and fae but sometimes other gods will join in. They make the gears turn how you say. The Ministry of Welcome shares information with the public but they also organize most of the entertainment on Uthshell such as this jogging session or the create an animal battle pits.


They also have feasts and music festivals but Draco didn’t have a picture of that. There are book clubs but those don’t take much setup. They set out the chairs though and bring snacks. It’s all to keep the vibe good so their jobs can vary. Most of the Ministries have some overlap aside from the Ministry of Death which really only does the one thing. Maybe two if you count paperwork related to that.

Back to Foreum though, She has four faces, each displaying a different emotion. Do the emotions on the faces match with the emotions she’s feeling? Almost always no. Like retail employees you know? The faces don’t really move aside from the faces rotating to the front and then that front one can move but not dramatically. Also like retail employees. Also their hair is fiery. Very loud speaking voice too. They have domain over hospitality, emotions, jubilance, adaption, and a minor in publishing but most people don’t really talk about that. Mortals don’t have printing presses yet but also magic can make copies so they’re in a weird in-between

And now for our final pic of this blag which was written far too long ago and went on for far too long, Shirt Witch.


We’ve been referencing Shirt Witch for a little while now and now they finally have form. This blag would have been posted almost 4 weeks ago if the previous blag didn’t promise Shirt Witch but here we are. Shirt Witch is a Witch who makes shirts. They’re a good example and useful for comparison. Weaker than Shirt Witch means you are not for fighting in any capacity and stronger of course means you’re ACCEPTABLE. It’s pass fail.

Well we didn’t cover every single picture but oh well. Thematically this works better. Shirt Witch sort of breaks the theme buuuuuut what if shirt witch doesn’t? What if Shirt Witch is some sort of Demigod? What a shocking reveal! A character Draco made as an example with divine lineage? Will tales be told of their heroics or will they embrace their darker impulses and cast a wide shadow over the land? Regardless, tales are going to be told so hey now’s a good time to get into the tales business.Also let’s be honest, they make shirts. They aren’t going to cat a large shadow unless they made a giant shirt but still, who cares? The land’ll be fine.