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Draco is a half Tv, half Dragon-person. Instead of doing any world saving  Draco talks bout things and apparently it’s been called funny or interesting. Draco started this in 2006. Draco started this blog years later from a need to do better than the best! Actually there was an extra credit thing in college and Draco was like, Draco likes credit! Ya… Draco likes using “…” and “and such”. The speaking in third person component should be obvious. Draco speaks in the third person here.  Draco is also a published author but that isn’t under Draco. Draco enjoys videogames, worldbuilding, Tv, movies, books, manga, anime, art, good people, Draco, blogging, and yooooou!

What people have said!

“So smooth”

“I can’t believe I wasn’t reading this sooner”

“One of the many things I like to read”

“I look forward to it”

“What a pure mcPure”

“A work of art”


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Reyrey112/ The Empty Lord said:

    Dracooooooooooooooooo 😮 Reyrey loves you ❤

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